An Excursion Into Kabbalah—The Path To General Harmony

laitman_222_0Kabbalah is a science like all the rest of the sciences we perceive in this world. Many generations have worked hard to develop it, consolidating and shaping it into a general system of very difficult knowledge, because this knowledge is about the system of management that is at a level higher than our world.

We can easily manage the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature because they are below our level, although in principle we are all in the same world. And the step above it that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about is the level of the upper world, and there are laws there that we don’t feel here, and new general rules operate there that are not completely known to us.

Kabbalists, in their writings Talmud Eser Sefirot, The Book of Zohar, and others,  offer some explanation of the upper worlds. They wrote these books for themselves because it is very difficult for a person to understand the higher system without attaining it.

So, for example, it is impossible to tell animals about our lives, and even though we have many things in common with them because we are on the level of the beast like them, there is no reason to explain to our little brothers how we live. In any case, they wouldn’t understand.

So, the Kabbalists didn’t even try to explain how the upper world is arranged since it requires completely different sensory and intellectual connections. It is not a higher level that can be added through all kinds of schemes, computers and devices. Rather, it is a completely different system that we don’t have.

To awaken the creation of this system in us, the Kabbalists suggest that we draw energy from the upper world and use its characteristics. Then, under its direct influence, we begin to discover these characteristics within us and feel another reality. With these feelings, a picture of the upper world is formed, and the understanding of the system of control of our world.

Here begins the research: What does the wisdom of Kabbalah give us? Which signs do we get from the higher system of management of our world? How should one react to them? How is it possible to come in contact with the upper world? If this is the control system of our world, can we go back and influence it? Can we manage our destiny, all that happens to us?

First of all, Kabbalah enables us to understand what the higher management wants from us, according to what plan it operates. We feel our world as the space surrounding us, we feel various changes within us and in the world, but we don’t know what will happen in the next moment, what the forces of management are pushing us toward. We always seem to try to clarify correctly what is happening to us, what nature wants from us, but we are always wrong. Our lives don’t get better.

To the degree of our development, emptiness appears in us. It used to be that we only tried to organize our spiritual, family and social life, but today people have deeper questions: What are we living for?

We see how much the young are cut off from their parents. People don’t want to raise families. They question the meaning of life and they don’t find an answer. Therefore, it is hard to live; it makes no sense; there is no incentive.

Here the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals the picture of what is happening in the world now, how we are managed, and what response nature expects from us with its signals. It reveals a picture of our future states and shows us how they can be achieved: either suffering or through our correct efforts.

So, the wisdom of Kabbalah comes as a very practical and relevant science for our time. We are beginning to understand why it was hidden so many years. Humanity didn’t need it. People were busy getting along in their lives; they were only interested in their own welfare and nothing more. They were satisfied with the level of the beast.

But our time is a special time for the disclosure of Kabbalah that began when the world began to become round and was revealed as integral and interconnected, interdependent, and common. And we cannot cope with this world because we are organized according to the linear principle of “give and take.”

We don’t understand our dependence on each because it is above the physical level. We don’t know our connection between the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature.

We don’t know how they are connected to each other, complement each other, and are in equilibrium. Maybe we can guess about this, but it isn’t in our immediate sensation, and surely not in the feelings of human society.

As long as everyone lived in his corner—work, home, family—everything was okay. But from the middle of the past century, the world began to close in. Suddenly, we discovered an absolutely different picture: mutual dependence. But we still can’t work with it.

We see constant clashes in different countries, the collapse of the family, . Families are breaking apart, children moving away from their parents, etc. Society is crumbling. All of this is because we are trying to apply the old laws of human society in the new current conditions.

We are in a completely different system of connection between us, whereas within us, this system doesn’t exist. Here, the wisdom of Kabbalah appears and explains how to build this system.

The fact is that the upper world is built on conditions of general, full and absolute interconnection, and if we correct ourselves integrally and join, we can feel it and understand in what manner it is possible to mutually cooperate with each other correctly, to arrange our lives correctly, and further, that outside of our world we also will begin to feel another reality.

Then, all of space will open, and we will feel ourselves as existing eternally, not just in our beastly body, but interconnected into one unified system called Adam. This is the state that we must reach.

So, the key to eternal happiness exists in revealing the system of management of the upper world. It exists here, next to us, yet we don’t have the senses to feel it. Our corporeal (beastly) senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are sufficient only for a small fragment of the overall picture of creation. So, the wisdom of Kabbalah describes our level as the animal level.

But now we begin to feel the need to manifest a higher level of existence. In humans, there are questions about the meaning of life, its origin, and what happens after death. However, the inability to find answers to these questions lead us to depression and despair. But the fact that such questions arise just in our generation is good. Therefore it has merited the disclosure of Kabbalah.
To be continued.
From the Conventions In Odessa, “In The Circle Of Unity,” Day One 10/16/15, Lesson 1

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