What Are The Sefirot?

laitman_608_02Question from Facebook: What are the Sefirot?

Answer: A Sefira is something that shines . It is all very simple. Our ego, wanting to swallow everything into it, is an absolute black body that cannot illuminate. But, if it closes itself and begins to work in the opposite direction, with the intention in order to bestow, it begins to reflect the light and everything that comes to it.

A black body, for example, which swallows the light, doesn’t reflect the rays of light, so we cannot see the body itself either. But if it shines and doesn’t swallow the rays of light, but rather reflects them, everyone can see it.

A Sefira is the corrected ego to a certain degree, in a certain way. Therefore , it shines and is called Sefirot (which comes from the Hebrew word “sapphire”)—luminous.

We are arranged such that there are ten parts in us, and we have to make them shine to the fullest. This state is called “a person’s complete end of correction”; it is when he becomes a man of the Light.

Question: Is that what is meant in the Torah when it says that Moses shined?

Answer: Yes. Rays of light came from his head. But unfortunately, in translation it sounds like “horns” because “ray” and “horn” are two meanings of the same word.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/6/17

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