The Spiritual Body In The Form Of Sefirot

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe level that a person is at totally determines his thoughts and feelings. We cannot think about, understand, feel, and plan something, or yearn for something outside this level. It’s all determined by our state, the height we’ve reached.

The desire to receive operates according to the amount of Light that is revealed within it: from the maximum amount in the world of Infinity to one of the 125 degrees that descend from it in which the Light diminishes and so affects the desire to receive less and less. As the Light diminishes, the desire gradually becomes more murky, corrupt, and distant from the Light in its attributes.

As the Light shines less upon the desire, the desire discovers its own attribute: egoism. It all depends upon the force of the Light that bestows upon the desire.

So we shouldn’t focus on our physiological body or our thoughts, but only worry about the desires that have to be corrected by the Light. Since the state of the desire is totally dependent upon the Light that shines on it and keeps it at a certain height, we have to think only about the influence the Light has on us: How we can constantly try to place ourselves under the influence of the Light in the maximal and most optimal way.

I don’t know how the Light will affect me and where it comes from. I only need to do what Kabbalists advise us and to perform actions that will uncover the way to the Light and will allow it to influence me—and then I will change. If I don’t do that, I will not change.

The main advice is to connect with my environment and the books according to the teacher’s instructions. Thus, I open myself to the influence of the Light, and all the rest depends on it. The Light will influence the desire, and the new desire will bring new thoughts, understanding, and sensations and will reveal the world to me anew. We have to feel all that in our desire.

A person’s desires, his heart, totally depends on the Light’s influence. A person’s connection with the Sefirot is determined by the degree that the Light reaches him and corrects his desire. This determines the height of his spiritual ladder. The Sefirot are the attributes of the Light in which it dresses when it goes through the worlds in order to bestow upon a person’s general desire.

The Light goes through filters that have certain attributes, and under the influence of the Light, the desire begins to change. Instead of the ordinary desire to receive, which lacks any character and direction, there is a concrete desire that belongs to a certain height and resembles the Light.

These desires can already be called by the names of the Sefirot because they “shine” when they want to accurately repeat the actions of the Light. This means that the Sefirot are dressed in the desire and a person begins to acquire the form of the Sefirot, the form of the spiritual body, and thus becomes similar to the Light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/14/2011, Shamati #68

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