The Trial Of A Lifetime

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While reading The Book of Zohar, I constantly get distracted in my thoughts. I understand that it’s good because “from Zion (exit) will go forth the Torah.” But still, how do I hold on to the internal concentration?

Answer: We have to try. Let’s assume that I’m called in for a trial to investigate how much I care about the group. According to the outcome, I will receive either reward or punishment. Then, while reading the text, I will worry about attracting various good forces and alienating or sweetening the evil ones. I read The Zohar for that purpose.

First of all, the trial is evaluating me only in one direction: connection to or disconnection from the group, how much I’m bonded with or separated from it. Thus I have to awaken the influence of good forces that help me to connect to the group, and conversely, remove the obstructing forces.

Besides that, I have to see that all the actions that pass through me are meant to show me clarifications that I have to perform and various factors that strengthen my connection with the group in a direct or indirect way. It’s because in the end, both good and evil are meant to force me to strengthen my connection with the environment. Only on that principle is the trial being held.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/15/2011, The Zohar

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