Lowering One’s Head Before The Friends

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the lessons, we attract the Light together. In dissemination, we work within the framework of managers  and subordinate relationships. How do I lower my head before the friends throughout the day?

Answer: I lower my head not before an external image of a friend, his name, qualities, or character. I lower my head before the concept of the group, which consists of the whole reality: worlds, vessels, and the Lights. I want to be there, included, in self-denial, without any feeling of myself.

It is not just a friend in his physical appearance. I only look for a spiritual form, I want to rise above my thoughts and desires. If I renounce myself, then my body, my origins, everything that I have is directed toward fulfilling the desires of the common heart and thoughts of the common head. That’s what self-denial is.

For example, before the convention I’m prepared to do anything in order for it to be successful. I reject any criticism; I don’t have any calculations regardless of where I’m asked to go or how much time and effort it will take. As soon as I see, hear, or feel that I can help, I immediately do that. If I linger even for a moment, that’s not right; that means I didn’t lower my head before my friends.
From Lesson 3, Israel Arvut Convention, 11/11/2011

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  1. Rav, is it possible that one can ‘see’ Boreh in the Friends, but he cannot ‘see’ Him in others in the outer environment, including even his family members. And if so why?

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