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laitman_222_0Question: Why is it necessary to attainment the spiritual world from the corporeal world?

Answer: Because this is the only way you can rise above yourself and feel your gradual development. Only through gradual attainment are we able to grow new properties and facets within ourselves.

You can’t imagine how much work you are doing in the meantime. For example, you’ve been studying the wisdom of Kabbalah for two or three years. You say to yourself: “Why is it taking so long? All of this material could have been explained in a few months.” But the fact is, you are developing certain inner properties that you are completely unaware of now.

This is similar to the development of a small child. What does a child understand? In the first years of his life, he has no idea what’s happening. He simply exists! And how much he is developing all kinds of properties and how he perceives them—this is incomprehensible to him.

Similarly, when studying Kabbalah, we don’t understand what properties, new functions, and new internal blocks of perception and understanding are developing in us. Later, they all become revealed at once. As, for example, a boy in adolescence suddenly becomes a small man; the entire ripening period suddenly breaks through and reveals itself like a flower.

It’s the same with us, only much brighter. Childhood suddenly ends and real life begins in comprehension and sensations, and everything that has accumulated is revealed in a genuine, practical form.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/20/16

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  1. Dearest Rav,

    This article reminds me of something I wrote while back at the center in Pita Tikva after having attended my first congress in 2016. I copied it for you below.

    Much love,


    The Ladder of Love

    And let it start with a single act – an action or surrender truly for the sake of the other. And let it be merely incidental that the act might somehow be of benefit to himself. And if his intentions are like this, then that is all that matters and not of any corporeal consequence. And this is the process that draws the reforming light, and brings a person to realize that what he once believed he understood as truth, he did so understand by the light of a lower rung of the ladder than that upon which he now stands – in contemplation of his former self by virtue of the light that reforms. And let him now give freely and often of this new found treasure to his friends, with the same original altruistic intent and attitude of surrender – thru constant communion. For surely now he sees himself as the child he once was, and now is again, climbing the ladder – looking up with childlike desire to get closer to what lies above. And he now understands that only by way of constant work below, upon each new step of understanding, will he move upward step by step – and that each step is taken by the same process as the one before – that is by complete surrender of oneself for the benefit of his friends. And it only appears that each higher step should be more difficult than the one before because he is raised into darkness each time – holding only a single candle on each new rung of the ladder – a single flame to light his way upward to the root. And let this light accumulate and be called the same name as the process of the climb – L O V E

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