Combining Evil With Goodness

laitman_243_05It is written in the Torah that when the sons of Israel cross the Jordan, the six tribes will be standing on the Mount Gerizim and blessing people, and the other six tribes will be standing on the Mount Eival and cursing people. These are two lines: the right line and the left line.

The left line (curse) is in no way worse that the right one. We must move along the middle line, including both parts. After all, it is written, “I (the Creator) created evil and I created goodness to balance it.” If we match them with each other correctly, we will go along the middle line, combining evil with goodness.

Therefore, selecting goodness over evil, we select one over the other, but in no case one of the two. Otherwise, we will not exist as a creature. The absolutely egoistic creature dresses into an altruistic external form and exists in the upper world in this form.

It turns out that evil is the basis, which must be dressed into the correct gown.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/23/16

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