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Laitman_709Request from Facebook: I understood that our world is branches and they have roots. I read a lot of information about our world being managed, that the human brain gets orders from outside. Please explain about the law of branch and root, if it is possible and not complicated.

Answer: According to the law of branch and root, all the signals of control, all the orders, are created at a higher level than this world. Our world is a world of deeds. The upper world is a system of management in which the orders for our world are created and we carry them out subconsciously, even without realizing it. We suddenly feel that some thought, some kind of desire, action, result, or event appears. There is nothing that just happens in nature; everything is closed and everything is rational.

The question is whether there is a link back, a response that returns to the higher management, which we can replace. It is reasonable that this is so.

The more that we become like the higher management, the better the orders are that begin to descend upon us because the higher management will have no need to break us. Our nature and the nature of the higher management will become closer to each other, and then the orders will enter into us in a very logical and orderly manner.

We will begin to carry them out easily and smoothly and will act in accordance with the higher management. To do this, it is up to us to change our nature from a receptive and egoistic nature to a bestowing and altruistic nature.

The nature of the upper world and all of creation is like that, except for humans. A human is an egoist, while all the rest of nature is not. He is mutually connected to one single system and we must become integrated with it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about this. If we gradually begin to integrate into nature, then we see how all actions and events, all the orders from the higher management will be more pleasant and desirable for us.

Comment: Now almost all scientists say that we are found within a matrix, that our brain is managed, but they don’t know anything beyond that….

My Comment: They don’t understand this system, they don’t feel it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is good at this because it emotionally inserts the person into the feeling of the higher system and then he understands that he can ascend and enter into its “managerial cell.” In any case, people will be obliged to do this, but the wisdom of Kabbalah will make it possible for them to realize it smoothly and rapidly, without waiting for tragic awakenings from above.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/25/17

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  1. When I sense that my ability to feel is blocked, all of the sudden I lost the residence of compassion and love in my heart.

    what is the message of the upper management to send me?

  2. Thank you soo much for this lesson.

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