Why Does Our World Exist?

laitman_437Question: How and why did the Creator create our world?

Answer: Our world was created especially so that in this world man would develop the ability to ascend and attain the upper state, consistently correcting all of his desires, starting from the less egoistic ones to the more egoistic.

Our world is what we feel and perceive in our uncorrected desires.

When we correct ourselves and ascend to the attainment of the upper world, we feel the difference between the two worlds, their oppositeness, their contrasts, from which comes the depth of understanding the upper world. The potential difference between the two worlds gives a person the feeling of the internal attainment.

Question: Why does a person find the corporeal world so attractive?

Answer: This is specifically to create a system of resistance to the attainment of the upper world within us so that later we would feel the upper world more deeply, according to the potential difference.

Anyone can break out of this world. It all depends on a person’s environment and the correct use of the method of ascent.

Question: Will the corporeal world still exist when all of the souls connect to the Creator?

Answer: No, our world will disappear from our sensations because it manifests only in our uncorrected desires, and we perceive it as the still, vegetative, and animate levels. It is all inside of us.

When we begin to feel the upper world, we discover that our world is only illusory. To the extent that we correct our egoistic attributes, our world gradually disappears like a mirage.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/27/15

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