Attaining The Mind Of The Universe

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe mind is the instrument that connects the Creator and the creature, the degree of connection between me as the creature and Him as my Creator. The mind is located in the middle between us, and it belongs neither to me nor to Him.

To possess a mind is to be an action that connects to the One who acts. I attain Him by attaining His actions over me through this connection between the action and the One who acts.

After all, the Creator is called “Bo-Re” (“come and see”). In other words, I never attain His essence, but only His attitude toward me, as it is written, “By Your actions, we will know You.” I study whatever is happening inside of me. I look for the Creator behind these actions and thereby begin to know Him.

That is, I must reveal the root of every one of my properties and states and come to understand that “There is none else beside Him,” and everything comes from the Creator, “the Good who does good.” When I reveal the fact that everything comes from Him and everything has a good purpose (regardless of how bad it seems), this means that I have attained the root. The same happens in every state.

Just like material objects allow us to understand the thoughts of the craftsman, the purpose and the intended user of the things that he made, in the same way, we can examine the creature which contains all the information about the Creator. This is because He has materialized everything that He has planned in His mind, and we can attain His mind through the different forms of matter. The connection of our mind and His mind is called unity of the creature and the Creator.

This means that the Light of Hochma (Wisdom) clothes in the Light of Hassadim (Mercy) to the extent that we have corrected ourselves in order to receive Light from Him without any interferences and distortions that come from our egoism. When we wash our egoistic desire in the Light of Hassadim, the Light of Hochma (the Creator’s mind) can clothe in it. That is, it enters these corrected and pure desires, and we attain His mind.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/28/10, “The Acting Mind”

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