The Latest Generation Of Gadgets

laitman_600_02Question: In recent years a lot has been said and written about the new generation born from 1996-2000 called “Generation Z.”

This is the first generation that was born in the Internet era. They don’t divide the world into the digital and the real, their life flows smoothly to the screen and back. They have developed immunity to advertising, they just don’t notice it.

They learned “arm in arm” with technologies used to crisscross the study of subjects; they are used to thinking globally because they instantly receive information from all around the world. They value security because they grew up in the era of terrorist attacks and wars. They are going to work a lot and earn a lot. They don’t want to destroy the system but slowly and surely are going to make the world better.

What do you think about this generation that was born in the Internet era?

Answer: Our world is only filling the digital field for them. Whatever fits the smartphone screen exists for them and everything else doesn’t. Their way of thinking and their attitude toward life changes accordingly. The most important thing for them is what is displayed on the small screen.

Question: But this phenomenon hasn’t just appeared, there must be some kind of plan?

Answer: The plan is very simple: to give people the possibility of unlimited global communication as much as possible, without division into languages, continents, and countries. They are using this and living within it.

They think that through this technology, which is inextricably linked with their body, they will be able to fill themselves. Yet all this means nothing. They will still find that their hands remain empty and all that they truly need is human contact, human connection.

Question: Will it be easier for them to achieve the feeling that they are inside the system?

Answer: Yes, but they need to discover that this system is filled with absolute emptiness. If the previous generations had some ideals to achieve special knowledge, goals, realizations, and discoveries, for them it’s business in the form of computerized “toys.” I think that by 2025 Generation Z will end.

The next generation, with the help of these gadgets, will be in contact with each other in order to be interconnected, because through this they will be able to reach union with nature and reveal it.

Today smartphones in the hands of youth are a goal for them and for the next generation they will become the means for connection, not between mobile devices, but specifically between people who will discover a new level of existence. This generation will be beyond the boundaries of the alphabet; after all, “Z” is the last letter in it. Baal HaSulam wrote about this and he called them the “Last Generation.”

Question: How will the wisdom of Kabbalah be revealed to them?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah will be revealed to them as the emptiness in the world they are living in and as an opportunity for the true fulfillment. But this will be only when the technology in their hands will be used not as a goal but as means for attaining connection and fulfillment between people.

Question: But the degrees are reduced all the time, the life of the generations becomes shorter and shorter. How do you determine the life of the last generation?

Answer: The last generation, focused only on the union between people and revelation in their unity, the next level of existence, the next world, will exit the boundaries of time.

They will feel themselves outside of time, space, and limitations. Gradually, the levels of the inanimate, animate, and vegetative nature will come out of us, evaporate, and we will stay only within our sensations.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/28/16

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