New Life #332 – Leadership And Government: What Will The Next Revolution Be?

New Life #332 – Leadership And Government: What Will The Next Revolution Be?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Revolutions usually involve wars and bloodshed. How will the next revolution be different from its predecessors, how will it change society, and what will the role of education be in the process?

An ideal life is possible only when everybody is content, feels equal to one another, like in a family. But human nature is egoistic and it always wants to be better than the others. How can we use human nature for the better with clean competition, for the benefit of society as a whole? We need education dedicated to what is most honorable in our eyes would be the one who contributes most to society; education for connection.

Russia tried to educate the population, saying that whatever was in the best interests of the society would benefit the person as well, but the time was not ripe for it. They lacked the recognition that we have today, that capitalism does not make us happy. Material abundance and advanced technology are essential preconditions for a social revolution. Capitalism had to bring us to a state as in Europe today: a multi-faceted crisis.

The next social form can begin only in a society of abundance, where there is not equitable distribution. Today there is material abundance, but no happiness. Each person is an individualist, closed within himself.

Another prerequisite is the acknowledgement of the evil in the present situation. If we don’t connect, we will fall into an abyss. We must set a new education that will open warm relationships between people’s hearts. When we begin to feel interdependence on each other, we will understand there is no alternative but to build good relations between us.
From KabTV’s “New Life #332 – Leadership And Government: What Will The Next Revolution Be?” 3/30/14

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