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How Does One Attract The Upper Light?

laitman_939_02Question: How can I call the Upper Light for another person when I am indifferent toward him?

Answer: Gradually, by practicing together, you will begin to realize that if there isn’t any connection with others, it will not be possible for the Upper Light appear in the circulation between you.

And so you have no other choice but to be integrated with them and to create a system of connection between you in which the Upper Light will be manifested. The Upper Light is not revealed in a person himself but only in the connection between us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/28/16

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Reception In Order To Bestow

Laitman_712_03Question: I am a normal person and only want to receive for myself. What does “reception in order to bestow” mean?

Answer: Indeed, a normal person receives only for himself. But the wisdom of Kabbalah says that at as a result of our evolutionary development receiving for one’s own sake does not work.

Today the world is in such a state that simply receiving for oneself is no longer possible because we are becoming rounded. We understand that when we deteriorate to the level of the “beast,” we steal from ourselves.

We cannot attain the meaning of life that is found outside the boundaries of our physical existence.

In this life we play with all kinds of technological “toys,” fashion, and all those things that human society produces to fill its existence somehow, but, in fact, it is completely empty. If a person were to calculate the amount of pleasure he got in life compared to the energy, strength, and suffering that he spent on them, he will of course realize that it would have been preferable not to live.

We must understand that in life there are completely different calculations, that we were not created to live against our will. If we discover its meaning, we will see that we can even be happy in this life and also live infinitely outside of its boundaries.

The method for attaining this happiness is called the wisdom of Kabbalah, the wisdom of how to achieve true pleasure, not only from our temporary earthly life, as long as our body exists, but also beyond the body, in eternal life, which we can attain while still in this world. This is what is called receiving in order to bestow. In this state, I continue to exist outside of my body.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/16

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Tested By Wealth

Laitman_632_4Question: Is the economic status of every person determined from the start? What is this spiritual correction: the test of poverty or wealth?

Answer: It is pre-determined for everyone in accordance with his or her program of life.

There are four types of attitudes toward money that correspond to the four phases of ego development, but in fact, it is up to everyone to make the transformation to altruism and it is not necessary to pay attention to fate since it is possible to change that specifically with the help of an attitude toward wealth. In the wisdom of Kabbalah, wealth is called an extension of the Light of Hochma into the Light of Hassadim within the person.

Comment: We once rode in the car with a billionaire who was the owner of real estate and other property and all the way he was crying and complaining about his life….

My Comment: I have met with billionaires who own airplanes, ships, banks, and companies, yet I cannot say that they are wealthy.

They have no sense of true wealth, and if they do, it becomes completely closed off by the course of their lives in this world. In such a case the wealth “kills” the person because it obligates him to be constantly concerned about his welfare and he limits himself to this.

I had a turning point in life when I decided to give up great wealth and my business. I thank the Creator because it is only through His power that it was possible to do this. I simply closed my business and travelled to my teacher, Rabash, without hesitation.

Before then, I had a sufficiently long search of the spiritual path, but I could not break away from my business. But the moment I found my teacher, no questions remained. I left and that was it.

Many of my students are in intermediary states such that on the one hand, they are concerned about their capital, and on the other hand, they would like to be engaged with the wisdom of Kabbalah, but are unable to do so because of their business involvements. And that is how they are torn between the two worlds.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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New Life 791 – A New Era In America

New Life 791 – A New Era In America
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

The current global trend must change. We must learn to be connected, round, and similar to nature.

  • The American public can be divided into two: the general US and residents of the major cities, who have different values and different world views.
  • Trump is opposed to the world view which was dominant in America in the last years and wants to bring about a change.
  • The issue of the refugees and the immigrants requires treatment and Trump will have to cleanse the US of the illegal immigrants and thus also help Europe.
  • If the US does the right thing, it will receive Russia’s and China’s support because the future of the world is about connection.
  • It is most important to start with general social education teaching mutual acceptance and living in connection. People today are losing the taste of life and the connection will give them a new life.
    From KabTV’s “New Life 791 – A New Era In America,“ 11/10/16
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