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“Sandwich” Of Relationships

laitman_243_05Our task is to use all our strength and qualities only for bestowal to others and to organize society where everyone works not for themselves but only for the common good. Unlike the Creator, we are created as a desire to receive and we feel pleasure when we satisfy our certain desires, such as food, sex, family, wealth, fame, power and knowledge.

Spiritual fulfillment doesn’t pertain to your own satisfaction, but rather to the creation of a completely different vessel of reception, because everything within us is temporary in duration and limited in space. If a person fills others, but feels that they are not others but himself and his children, then he would have an unlimited possibility of filling them and thus enjoying even more than if he receives for himself.

Therefore, all we are lacking is simply to feel that all the people in the world are the most precious creatures to us and that we have an opportunity to give to them, care for them, and thus to enjoy constantly. We will have an incentive to live, to produce, and to work for them, because it fills us.

Of course, all of this is egoistic, as in the case of our children, because they are much more important to us than we are. It is evident even in the relationships in our world; after all, if mother needs to save her child, she is ready to do anything.

However, to imagine people who are “strangers,” completely not related to me, as one who is very close, is a problem. The problem is not even to imagine, because in such a case I would work for them as for my own children and grandchildren and so would remain on the same animal level, as any person in this world. This isn’t a spiritual correction.

The spiritual correction is when I begin to perceive the entire universe as depending on me and feel all the people not just as family. It is even impossible to express because there are no suitable experiences in this world.

The fact is that as a result of studying Kabbalah, when we get closer together in the Kabbalistic environment under the influence of the connection method we realize with the others, a special positive force appears in the society. It exists in nature, but is hidden from us. This is the force of the Creator; therefore, it is said that the Creator is hidden. Nobody knows, feels, and sees Him. But if we try to connect between us as a family, we attract His revelation, and this positive, anti-egoistic force begins to build connections between us.

It doesn’t eliminate our mutual egoistic opposition to each other, but builds connection above it, demonstrating that we are one single common whole. In this way we have a “sandwich,” meaning two levels of relationships. On the lower level, I still hate others, compete with them, and push them away from me even more than before. And on the level above, I suddenly begin to feel that I have commonality, integrity, unity, and reciprocity with them.

These two completely opposite types of relations between me and other people create a spiritual system within me that is called “love will cover all transgressions.” If I am in such an internal two-level state, then the upper state, when I want to give to others and care about them, is called faith, the quality of bestowal, love, and feeling my neighbour as myself. It is above my previous egoistic attitude toward people who were the strangers opposite to me.

This is the implementation of the Torah’s call—love your neighbour as yourself—because then love will cover all transgressions. So it means that love doesn’t cancel egoism, but only covers it from above.

Both layers exist in a person simultaneously and when they interact with each other they give him an opportunity to start feeling the upper world between the qualities of rejection/hatred and attraction/love. The Torah leads us to this.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/20/16

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“This Is The Most Dangerous Time For Our Planet,” Stephen Hawking

laitman_202_0In the News (The Guardian): “So the recent apparent rejection of the elites in both America and Britain is surely aimed at me, as much as anyone. Whatever we might think about the decision by the British electorate to reject membership of the European Union and by the American public to embrace Donald Trump as their next president, there is no doubt in the minds of commentators that this was a cry of anger by people who felt they had been abandoned by their leaders.

“It was, everyone seems to agree, the moment when the forgotten spoke, finding their voices to reject the advice and guidance of experts and the elite everywhere. …

“The concerns underlying these votes about the economic consequences of globalisation and accelerating technological change are absolutely understandable. The automation of factories has already decimated jobs in traditional manufacturing, and the rise of artificial intelligence is likely to extend this job destruction deep into the middle classes, with only the most caring, creative or supervisory roles remaining.

“This in turn will accelerate the already widening economic inequality around the world. The internet and the platforms that it makes possible allow very small groups of individuals to make enormous profits while employing very few people. This is inevitable, it is progress, but it is also socially destructive.

“We need to put this alongside the financial crash, which brought home to people that a very few individuals working in the financial sector can accrue huge rewards and that the rest of us underwrite that success and pick up the bill when their greed leads us astray. So taken together we are living in a world of widening, not diminishing, financial inequality, in which many people can see not just their standard of living, but their ability to earn a living at all, disappearing. It is no wonder then that they are searching for a new deal, which Trump and Brexit might have appeared to represent. …

“For me, the really concerning aspect of this is that now, more than at any time in our history, our species needs to work together. We face awesome environmental challenges: climate change, food production, overpopulation, the decimation of other species, epidemic disease, acidification of the oceans.

“Together, they are a reminder that we are at the most dangerous moment in the development of humanity. We now have the technology to destroy the planet on which we live, but have not yet developed the ability to escape it. …

“To do that, we need to break down, not build up, barriers within and between nations. If we are to stand a chance of doing that, the world’s leaders need to acknowledge that they have failed and are failing the many. With resources increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, we are going to have to learn to share far more than at present.”

My Comment: Many already see the obvious truth that all the predictions of Marx are actually being realized in our time. Nobody sees the solution to the problem because the solution is found outside of our nature: recognition and control over egoism, not within it, but above it, by transcending it. This is a logical continuation of our development, but we don’t see it because we only understand and think about everything within egoism.

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The Spiritual World Is A World Of Intentions

laitman_571_03Question: In a family, if the wife leads and the husband agrees with this, how is this reflected in their spiritual development?

Answer: There is no need to relate to the physical gender! Understandably this is also connected to the manner and the attitude toward the world and perception. But in spirituality there is no importance to this, because in spirituality the main thing is the desire! Moreover, the form of the desire has no importance. The important thing is if the desire is directed toward yourself or toward others. A desire directed toward yourself is called female and a desire directed toward others is called male.

A woman who goes out in the evening to disseminate Kabbalistic material is carrying out the work of a man, this activity is considered male. A man who sits at home, watches soccer and drinks beer is considered female in this action. But if he remains at home with a child to make it possible for the woman to be engaged in dissemination, then he is considered male, because it is the intention that determines everything. In spirituality, there are no genders; our world doesn’t exist! The spiritual world is a world of intentions!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/26/16

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“Oldest Alphabet Identified As Hebrew”

laitman_526In the News (Science News): “The world’s earliest alphabet, inscribed on stone slabs at several Egyptian sites, was an early form of Hebrew, a controversial new analysis concludes.

“Israelites living in Egypt transformed that civilization’s hieroglyphics into Hebrew 1.0 more than 3,800 years ago, at a time when the Old Testament describes Jews living in Egypt, says archaeologist and epigrapher Douglas Petrovich of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada. Hebrew speakers seeking a way to communicate in writing with other Egyptian Jews simplified the pharaohs’ complex hieroglyphic writing system into 22 alphabetic letters, Petrovich proposed on November 17 at the annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research.”

My Comment: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Hebrew alphabet emerged because it was necessary to record and convey information from Adam HaRishon (the First Man) in the Book of Creation to the next generations. The Jews brought the Hebrew alphabet to Egypt, but even before that the Hebrew alphabet had developed into other alphabets.

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The Latest Generation Of Gadgets

laitman_600_02Question: In recent years a lot has been said and written about the new generation born from 1996-2000 called “Generation Z.”

This is the first generation that was born in the Internet era. They don’t divide the world into the digital and the real, their life flows smoothly to the screen and back. They have developed immunity to advertising, they just don’t notice it.

They learned “arm in arm” with technologies used to crisscross the study of subjects; they are used to thinking globally because they instantly receive information from all around the world. They value security because they grew up in the era of terrorist attacks and wars. They are going to work a lot and earn a lot. They don’t want to destroy the system but slowly and surely are going to make the world better.

What do you think about this generation that was born in the Internet era?

Answer: Our world is only filling the digital field for them. Whatever fits the smartphone screen exists for them and everything else doesn’t. Their way of thinking and their attitude toward life changes accordingly. The most important thing for them is what is displayed on the small screen.

Question: But this phenomenon hasn’t just appeared, there must be some kind of plan?

Answer: The plan is very simple: to give people the possibility of unlimited global communication as much as possible, without division into languages, continents, and countries. They are using this and living within it.

They think that through this technology, which is inextricably linked with their body, they will be able to fill themselves. Yet all this means nothing. They will still find that their hands remain empty and all that they truly need is human contact, human connection.

Question: Will it be easier for them to achieve the feeling that they are inside the system?

Answer: Yes, but they need to discover that this system is filled with absolute emptiness. If the previous generations had some ideals to achieve special knowledge, goals, realizations, and discoveries, for them it’s business in the form of computerized “toys.” I think that by 2025 Generation Z will end.

The next generation, with the help of these gadgets, will be in contact with each other in order to be interconnected, because through this they will be able to reach union with nature and reveal it.

Today smartphones in the hands of youth are a goal for them and for the next generation they will become the means for connection, not between mobile devices, but specifically between people who will discover a new level of existence. This generation will be beyond the boundaries of the alphabet; after all, “Z” is the last letter in it. Baal HaSulam wrote about this and he called them the “Last Generation.”

Question: How will the wisdom of Kabbalah be revealed to them?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah will be revealed to them as the emptiness in the world they are living in and as an opportunity for the true fulfillment. But this will be only when the technology in their hands will be used not as a goal but as means for attaining connection and fulfillment between people.

Question: But the degrees are reduced all the time, the life of the generations becomes shorter and shorter. How do you determine the life of the last generation?

Answer: The last generation, focused only on the union between people and revelation in their unity, the next level of existence, the next world, will exit the boundaries of time.

They will feel themselves outside of time, space, and limitations. Gradually, the levels of the inanimate, animate, and vegetative nature will come out of us, evaporate, and we will stay only within our sensations.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/28/16

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New Life #332 – Leadership And Government: What Will The Next Revolution Be?

New Life #332 – Leadership And Government: What Will The Next Revolution Be?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Revolutions usually involve wars and bloodshed. How will the next revolution be different from its predecessors, how will it change society, and what will the role of education be in the process?

An ideal life is possible only when everybody is content, feels equal to one another, like in a family. But human nature is egoistic and it always wants to be better than the others. How can we use human nature for the better with clean competition, for the benefit of society as a whole? We need education dedicated to what is most honorable in our eyes would be the one who contributes most to society; education for connection.

Russia tried to educate the population, saying that whatever was in the best interests of the society would benefit the person as well, but the time was not ripe for it. They lacked the recognition that we have today, that capitalism does not make us happy. Material abundance and advanced technology are essential preconditions for a social revolution. Capitalism had to bring us to a state as in Europe today: a multi-faceted crisis.

The next social form can begin only in a society of abundance, where there is not equitable distribution. Today there is material abundance, but no happiness. Each person is an individualist, closed within himself.

Another prerequisite is the acknowledgement of the evil in the present situation. If we don’t connect, we will fall into an abyss. We must set a new education that will open warm relationships between people’s hearts. When we begin to feel interdependence on each other, we will understand there is no alternative but to build good relations between us.
From KabTV’s “New Life #332 – Leadership And Government: What Will The Next Revolution Be?” 3/30/14

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