“Sandwich” Of Relationships

laitman_243_05Our task is to use all our strength and qualities only for bestowal to others and to organize society where everyone works not for themselves but only for the common good. Unlike the Creator, we are created as a desire to receive and we feel pleasure when we satisfy our certain desires, such as food, sex, family, wealth, fame, power and knowledge.

Spiritual fulfillment doesn’t pertain to your own satisfaction, but rather to the creation of a completely different vessel of reception, because everything within us is temporary in duration and limited in space. If a person fills others, but feels that they are not others but himself and his children, then he would have an unlimited possibility of filling them and thus enjoying even more than if he receives for himself.

Therefore, all we are lacking is simply to feel that all the people in the world are the most precious creatures to us and that we have an opportunity to give to them, care for them, and thus to enjoy constantly. We will have an incentive to live, to produce, and to work for them, because it fills us.

Of course, all of this is egoistic, as in the case of our children, because they are much more important to us than we are. It is evident even in the relationships in our world; after all, if mother needs to save her child, she is ready to do anything.

However, to imagine people who are “strangers,” completely not related to me, as one who is very close, is a problem. The problem is not even to imagine, because in such a case I would work for them as for my own children and grandchildren and so would remain on the same animal level, as any person in this world. This isn’t a spiritual correction.

The spiritual correction is when I begin to perceive the entire universe as depending on me and feel all the people not just as family. It is even impossible to express because there are no suitable experiences in this world.

The fact is that as a result of studying Kabbalah, when we get closer together in the Kabbalistic environment under the influence of the connection method we realize with the others, a special positive force appears in the society. It exists in nature, but is hidden from us. This is the force of the Creator; therefore, it is said that the Creator is hidden. Nobody knows, feels, and sees Him. But if we try to connect between us as a family, we attract His revelation, and this positive, anti-egoistic force begins to build connections between us.

It doesn’t eliminate our mutual egoistic opposition to each other, but builds connection above it, demonstrating that we are one single common whole. In this way we have a “sandwich,” meaning two levels of relationships. On the lower level, I still hate others, compete with them, and push them away from me even more than before. And on the level above, I suddenly begin to feel that I have commonality, integrity, unity, and reciprocity with them.

These two completely opposite types of relations between me and other people create a spiritual system within me that is called “love will cover all transgressions.” If I am in such an internal two-level state, then the upper state, when I want to give to others and care about them, is called faith, the quality of bestowal, love, and feeling my neighbour as myself. It is above my previous egoistic attitude toward people who were the strangers opposite to me.

This is the implementation of the Torah’s call—love your neighbour as yourself—because then love will cover all transgressions. So it means that love doesn’t cancel egoism, but only covers it from above.

Both layers exist in a person simultaneously and when they interact with each other they give him an opportunity to start feeling the upper world between the qualities of rejection/hatred and attraction/love. The Torah leads us to this.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/20/16

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