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Haaretz: “Obama’s Hypocrisy Reveals The World’s Honest Opinion“

In my regular column in Haaretz, my new article: “Obama’s Hypocrisy Reveals the World’s Honest Opinion

The UNSC unanimous decision indicates that had a vote on establishing a Jewish State been made today, Israel wouldn’t exist.
Just over two weeks ago, UK Premier Theresa May declared, “I couldn’t be clearer: The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is wrong, it is unacceptable, and this party and this government will have no truck with those who subscribe to it.” Less than two weeks later, the UK government made a U-turn and voted in favor of a US initiated UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution that opens the door to indiscriminate sanctions and boycotts against Israel.

Since his inauguration in 2009, Barack Obama has placed more and more “light” between the US and Israel, as he termed his policy of distancing the US from Israel. His latest, poorly covered maneuver to expose Israel to sanctions by the UNSC, is probably not the last we’ve seen of him, not if he can help it.

Yet, Obama is not Israel’s biggest problem. Surprisingly, Israel’s worst, and only true problem is Israel itself. The unanimous decision at the UNSC indicates that the entire world, almost every single one of the 193 member states of the UN, has a negative view of Israel. No other country, not even Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, or any other despot-governed country has managed such a “remarkable feat”—to unite the entire world against it. Had the vote on the establishment of the Jewish state been made today, Israel would never have come into existence.

Moreover, if a vote to revoke the establishment of the state of Israel were brought before the UN General Assembly today, it would be approved by the same majority that approved the recent UNSC resolution, and to the sound of the same cheers by the member states.

Why the Hatred?

First, it must be clearly stated that the US government’s initiative to stymie Israel’s building in the West Bank does not stem from the efforts of the Obama-Kerry duo to promote peace in the region. It is part of the current administration’s effort to eliminate the Jewish state. The Palestinians, as Obama knows perfectly well, have never been partners for peace because they have never aspired for it. Since the 1921 Jaffa Riots, they have launched periodic waves of murderous attacks against Jews in Israel and around the world, and have formed alliances with anyone who promised to help them exterminate or drive the Jews from Israel, including an alliance with Nazi Germany. When the “primogenitor” of Arab terrorism—the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)—was founded in 1964, there were no “occupied territories” to return; they were only taken three years later in the 1967 Six Day War. Even more, the captured territory never belonged to the Palestinians; it was Jordanian territory.

The current US administration knows all this, as do more than 100 states that recognize the PLO as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. Simply put, the vast majority of countries agree with the Arab position that Israel should not exist. The Obama administration has set out to begin to put this position into practice, and will do everything it can to realize its agenda in the time remaining until the inauguration of Donald Trump, and even beyond. I previously warned that the UNESCO resolution denying the Jewish history on Temple Mount was only the canary in the mine. Now that Obama is untroubled by election results, we are seeing the realization of the threat to end the existence of the State of Israel.

In 2013, I published the book, Like a Bundle of Reeds: Why Unity and Mutual Guarantee Are Today’s Call of the Hour. I warned that the catastrophes of the Holocaust and the Spanish Inquisition were not isolated events, but part of a process that must be completed. Now we are seeing the beginning of the unfolding of the next stage in the process. However, as I wrote in “Why Do People Hate Jews,” we have control over the current stage. This does not have to be a traumatic process. If we focus on why we are hated and what we need to do about it, rather than bemoaning the fact that the world hates us, we will go through this stage quickly and pleasantly, and in the process eliminate the hatred toward Israel and eradicate anti-Semitism.

Israel—the Jew among the Nations

Abraham Foxman, former national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), said that Israel has become “the Jew among the nations.” How very true. There is no fundamental difference between the accusations that Israel is facing, and the allegations that Jews have faced throughout history. The difference is that now there is a target—the State of Israel—the Jew among the nations. Now everyone can target their hatred toward a clear entity and make up blood libels and false accusations just as they had previously done toward Jews. But as we often see in BDS demonstrations, the anger at Israel is merely a thinly veiled pretext for venting anti-Semitism.

When trying to understand the roots of the deepest, most lasting hatred in the history of humankind, we have to go back to our roots, since this is where it all began. We Jews are unlike any other nation. We are the only nation in the history of humankind to be given the task to save the world by setting an example for it. We are the only nation whose birth was declared by God, but not before we met the condition of uniting “as one man with one heart.”

We were declared as chosen by the God that all three Abrahamic religions worship, and that God tasked us with being “a light unto nations.” It does not matter what people say; it is a fact that the darker the world becomes, the more it points the blaming finger at us.

The Talmud writes (Masechet Shabbat, 31a) that when a gentile came to Hillel and asked him to explain Jewish law to him, Hillel replied, “That which you hate, do not do unto your neighbor. This is the whole of the Torah.” This law was supposed to be the light to the nations, but if the progenitors of the law, its intended harbingers, do not implement it among themselves and do not set an example that others can follow, how can we blame the world for hating us? How can we not understand the world when it says that we are to blame for all the wars, when we are not making the slightest effort to overcome our mutual hatred and unite?

The most fundamental law of our ancient society was mutual responsibility. How is this implemented among us today? In what way are we responsible for one another? We have adopted the competitive and egocentric Hellenistic culture, the very culture to which we were intended to offer an alternative, yet we are offended when the world tells us we are redundant.

The Windsor Star quoted the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, as saying, “It matters not what the nations say, but what the Jews do.” This is true. The nations’ hatred stems from our inaction toward unity, toward mutual responsibility, toward rekindling the bond that had made us a nation in the first place. Without our example, the nations will not be able to make peace among themselves, and they will blame us for it. The process that I mentioned earlier is one of development from disconnection to connection, from separation to mutual concern. Yet, without our lighting the way for the nations by setting an example, they will not be able to achieve connection and will therefore have no need for us.

When the nations switch from words against Jews to actions, as they have done so many times in history, it will be too late for us to do what we must. We must unite before words become actions. Now is the time to act.

When discussing the fierce disputes among Jews, Baal HaSulam wrote back in the 1930s: “I know that even if we tie them together in one basket, one will not surrender to the other even a little, and no danger will interrupt anyone from carrying out his ambition.” He was trying to warn us about the impending Holocaust.

I am trying to do the same. I don’t enjoy being the wet blanket in the party celebrating the victory of Donald Trump, whom I had hoped would win. Yet, if we do not unite above our differences soon, our future will be bleak. The world is already taking concerted action against us; we must not wait, or it will be too late.

Our forefathers, the Maccabees, succeeded in overcoming the separation among them, thereby defeating the forces of separation. Through their unity, they drove the enemy out from the land of Israel, though they were few against many. Let us learn from their example what unity can achieve if we truly aim for it.
From Ynet article 12/29/16

The Truth About Jews And Gentiles

Laitman_049_01Question: The word “anti-Semitism” is composed of “anti” – against and “Semite,” which is a person (Shem, a son of Noah). Why would someone be opposed to this. Is someone entitled to be against this?

Jewish books contain text without “humanity” regarding the gentiles, so it is understandable why they are against us.

Answer: Everything written about “gentiles” refers to our egoism, which is called “gentile,” from the word of the people. The word “Jew – Yehudi” is derived from the word “union – Yichud,” unity among the people that must be attained by everyone. There is no connection in these words to the words “gentile” or “Jew” in the sense that is familiar to us, but it is only a differentiation within a person into “gentile,” an egoist, and “Jew,” an altruist, regardless of nationality or race.

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The Connection Between Letters And Digits

laitman_526Question: What is the connection between letters and digits?

Answer: All the letters in the Hebrew alphabet have a numerical value. “Aleph,” “Bet,” “Gimel,” “Dalet,” “Hey,’ “Vav”, “Zayin,” “Het,” “Tet, “and “Yod,” for example, are the first ten.


Every number can be expressed both by a letter or a digit. Since the digits arrived after the letters, all the numbers were first denoted by letters.

The number “26,” for example was indicated by the letters “Kaf Vav” because the sum of these letters equals 26 (Kaf is 20 and Vav is 6).

The letters express certain attributes of the spiritual force: either of Hochma, or Bina, the Light of Hassadim, or the Light of Hochma, etc.

Today it is more convenient to use numbers because it is a more specific form of expression. But the letters, in fact, express the same thing.

Question: How is numerology related to the wisdom of Kabbalah? Are they related?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is not related to anything. As for numerology, prophecy according to digits doesn’t mean anything.

Question: And what is gematria?

Answer: Gematria is the numerical expression of any word and any command. It indicates the specific intensity of a specific word or order, the specific Light and level one is on.

But if there are no such levels in a person, he cannot manage them. When he hears or sees a certain word in a book, some gematria, it is an empty phrase for him. We can only clarify and understand this according to our spiritual attainment.

It is only through unity that we can attain the secret of the numbers and the words!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/17/16

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A Question About The Meaning Of Life

laitman_532Question: How can we tell if a person has a question about the meaning of life?

Answer: A person has to answer this question: “Can I live without looking for the meaning of life or not?” If he can replace this question with some kind of hobby and not think about it anymore, it means that he doesn’t have this desire yet, although nature pushes us toward it.

We see what is happening in the world, so we are nearing a point when masses of people will despair from this world and finding fulfillment in it and will eventually reach needing to discover the plan of creation.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/18/16

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 6/26/16

Laitman_630_2Question: Should a husband and a wife study in the same Kabbalah group or is it better if they study in separate groups?

Answer: They should study in the same group since men and women have different groups of ten any way.

Question: What is the right prayer for my husband?

Answer: Creator! I am asking you to help my husband be closer to me,” and that’s all!

Question: How should we avoid imposing our spiritual states, our egoistic assessments, and our personal views on to each other? How should I respond if my wife shares her feelings about the lessons with me?

Answer: You should treat her as your friend and not as your wife. When you engage in spiritual work, she is your friend and this is a small group for the two of you.

Question: Is the family at risk in the corporeal sense if a husband and a wife in the spiritual sense are both men?

Answer: No, they mutually impact each other each according to each one’s spiritual essence. What is more, their spiritual essence has nothing to do with corporeality. Therefore there is no nullification, but rather the opposite, they can express themselves better in the male or the female form, but it is important to support and keep the corporeal family life.

Question: How does the wisdom of Kabbalah explain unity and the struggle between opposites?

Answer: There is no struggle between opposites. There is only struggle for unity.

Question: Is the point in the heart a male or a female attribute?

Answer: The point in the heart is considered a male attribute. It isn’t a man in our world, but the attribute of bestowal, which can be typical of women just like men.

Question: Is there a difference between the words “friend” and “companion” according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: No, friend, buddy, and companion are synonymous. What is important is the relationship, the connection, the yearning for a connection between you and the Creator.

Question: What is betrayal in the spiritual path?

Answer: A change of intention from bestowal and yearning for the Creator to the opposite direction.

Question: What are the criteria according to which a woman should choose a husband in order to build a family?

Answer: First, they have to be physically compatible to each other, and second, they have to have a desire to mutually concede to each other.

Question: What can you wish for our men?

Answer: Let’s learn to give in to our women, but I would also like to say the same thing to the women. Mutual consent is what builds the right connection between friends, in a family, and between our children and us. Let’s all learn this. Good luck and happiness to all of you!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/26/16

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New Life 804 – The Secret Of The Greek Culture’s Power

New Life 804 – The Secret Of The Greek Culture’s Power
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches how a person can ascend above his mind, above reason.

Greek philosophy stems from information Greek philosophers took from the wisdom of Kabbalah, but they did not know how to realize it. To this day we follow the Greek approach. A person develops his reason and thinks that it will do him good.

Every individual can ascend above reason to a new higher level. The world is the reality I perceive. If you expand your instruments of perception, you catch more. Kabbalah tells us how to advance to a different perception of reality.

After we developed the whole world according to the Greek approach, we see that we have achieved nothing. Our emotions tell us that we have not achieved anything as a result of developing our mind, and Kabbalah offers a new approach, which is first of all emotional. It enables a person to open life unlimitedly.
From KabTV’s “New Life 804 – The Secret Of The Greek Culture’s Power,” 12/22/16

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