“And There, You Shall Build An Altar To The Lord”

laitman_625_01Torah, Deuteronomy 27:05: And there, you shall build an altar to the Lord, your God, an altar of stones. You shall not wield any iron upon them.

“Iron” is an egoistic state of a person that one cannot use. Everything that we produce for bestowal should be made with clean hands.

Torah, Deuteronomy 27:06: You shall build the altar of the Lord, your God, out of whole stones. And on it, you shall offer up burnt offerings to the Lord, your God.

The whole stones were always used for the foundation of the masonry of a Temple—huge blocks of hundreds of tons, 12 – 18 meters in length. Today, we are unable to move them from place to place, and previously they were not only laid, but also brought from the quarry that was located tens of kilometres from Jerusalem.

It is not clear how they were delivered there, laid on top of each other with great accuracy without any padding, and how they were cut, raised, and laid. After all, today we practically do not have such equipment. However, everyone can see the foundation of the Jerusalem wall. It is amazing!

Comment: It is said that the Jews practiced on the erection of the Egyptian pyramids.

Answer: Everything was different in Egypt. They used relatively small blocks of limestone, a soft stone that is very easy to process. However, here it is just inconceivable.

To build an altar from whole stones means not putting any tools on it. I am not a specialist either in archaeology or in construction; I just know how it happens inside a person: in order for his original, integral desires to receive the correct form, they must be framed into the correct intentions and used this way.

In no case can we distort the natural qualities of a person, his intentions and motivations, even the most horrible ones if they exist. There cannot be any coercion. After all, all these qualities can be used for bestowal only with the help of the upper Light.

Framing the stones with the help of the upper Light was the art of Betzalel, who built the altar.

A sacrifice, Kurban (from the word Lehitkarev, approximation) means that we bring our egoism, convert it to the quality of bestowal and love, and get closer to the Creator this way.

Therefore, we must correct in ourselves only natural, primordial egoistic desires that we received from the shattering of the soul of Adam.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/21/16

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