To Change Human Nature

laitman_265The change in a person’s nature from egoistic to altruistic happens under the influence of the special force of nature, the upper force that returns to the source (the Torah). However, for this it is necessary to attract such an influence on ourselves.

The method of the wisdom of Kabbalah is designed to attract the Light of correction to us to help us to walk this path until our complete change.

When a person develops new altruistic demands, requests, and relations toward the surrounding world, then it is possible to begin building a new society, country, or world with him, but not before this.

The Bolsheviks tried to do this by force, without correcting a person. However, since people are egoists, everything ended with a big collapse, scandal, and many deaths. It is impossible to force a person to be an altruist; we cannot go against nature, we just must change it.

A society that will be formed when a person is educated in an altruistic manner will understand what it wants to create. It is a constantly developing new formation where people live in the sensation of completely different principles. Unlike the present filling of themselves, their fulfilment will come from bestowal, adhesion, connection, and love for each other and for the entire surrounding nature.

Through these relations with each other and with nature, they will feel completely different forces and connections that are called the upper world. In this new, mutual and altruistic unity, they will feel a force between them that will not press them to use each other like in our world when I look at others and want everything they have.

On the contrary, they will discover the force of bestowal and love between them, and this common force will appear to them, not as our nature, but as the Creator, because they will feel in it an upper degree, upper value, and upper will. In this way, by connecting with each other, they will begin to adhere to this upper force. This is the principle of the existence of the corrected future generation.

However, the Kabbalists warn that if we do not hurry, we will be forced to come to these states by big blows of fate that will force us to give up egoism. It will reveal itself as bringing us misfortunes, and will make us renounce it.

This is like placing poisoned food in front of a terribly hungry person. What can he do? It will be exactly this state that a person will be in before his correction.

He will not be able to use his egoism because he will see to what extent it is killing him. On the other hand, he will not have any opportunity to get up and act outside of egoism because all his thoughts, feelings, inner understanding, habits, and relation to everything, is completely consumeristic and egoistic.

Today, we gradually are beginning to build a new society, educating ourselves in our big international group, and preparing for unity based on the altruistic principles. All of humanity must come to this in the near future.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/22/17

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