Program of Life, Part 4

laitman_943What will a man of the future be?

The purpose of human development is to change our properties to the extent that our locked, deaf hearts open to others.

This goal is set for us by nature. When we pursue this purpose, we discover new sensations and replace our egoistic desires with the desire to bestow. This new attitude will allow us to discover a new world.

Question: What is the desire to bestow?

Answer: It is a desire to give, share, and take care of others. With all our heart, we want to be connected with something that is outside us.

But so far we cannot treat our neighbors in this manner since people around us act egoistically and all we’ll achieve by behaving altruistically is that they will take advantage of us. That’s why we start in a small group that strives to annul selfishness and connect with others. We begin sensing a new reality in our common, benevolent, mutual desire.

Question: Will people of the future be completely different from our contemporaries as if they are aliens?

Answer: The only thing that will be different is their attitude to still, vegetative, animate and speaking levels. In the future, people will sense others as themselves.

But this is a gradual process. If we treat others altruistically now, they will simply take advantage of us. That’s why we open our hearts only to those who are ready to respond to us in the same way.

We should unite as one man with one heart. If we succeed, we’ll sense a new world through our joint desire and common heart.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/8/15

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