Program Of Life, Part 3

Dr. Michael Laitman

Pass To The Future World

Question: What qualities do we have to change in order to enter a new, unlimited world? After all, each of us has different properties.

Answer: We all have one common quality—the egoistic desire that makes us constantly pursue pleasure.

We live in this quality and do not want to change it because we don’t know anything other than the desire to fulfill ourselves. We envy other people’s content and we want the same. This is how we advance.

Actually, this is how this world advanced in the past, but today it is coming to an end. We have no desire to advance, because we see this development is aimless. What is the point in this endless race for new pleasures, like hamsters on running wheels?

People are disappointed in life, seeing they are just being used. They don’t know why they live. That’s why antidepressants and drugs are so popular nowadays. In the future, this awaits all of humanity unless a new goal and new possibilities are suddenly revealed.

Then we will rejoice that we became disappointed with this old world and saw that it wasn’t worth anything. Kabbalah offers us an opportunity to enter another world. Our lives for the last several dozens of years were only for us to want to rid ourselves of it. Today, we are in hell, but there is another world called paradise.

And we can enter this paradise, it’s very simple. We just need to open our hearts to others and connect with everyone. And now, not  yet with everyone, but only with the people who also want to enter this new wonderful world.

Question: What does it mean to open our hearts to others?

Answer: It means to become as one man with one heart, to connect our hearts. This is the condition of entering the world of the future. This is the only property that we have to change in us: opening our locked hearts.
To be continued
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/8/15

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