2017: Year-End Summary

laitman_229Question: 2017 has come to an end. 2018 begins. Could you tell us what the new year will bring?

Answer: I think that over the last year, in principle, we made a giant leap forward. We have reached the start of the first general spiritual state called “conception” in the spiritual world. This is a very high degree, difficult and heavy, like anything new.

I am very happy that we have passed this degree and have begun looking at our development through the group through spiritual concepts in a completely new way, effectively, deeply, in spiritual understanding.

This is the most important thing that has taken place in the world. Everything else is “child’s play.”

The next year is expected to be a difficult one for the world. Oil prices will fall, Google and Facebook will become less popular. All the Internet systems intended for free use and connection between people will be unmasked as being absolutely egoistic, manipulated by people, governments, nations, and societies.

We are currently at a stage where all of this will gradually be revealed. Therefore, I think that humanity will start figuring out how harmful all of these systems are for it.

Nothing good is to be expected on the international front either: humanity will not come to its senses and will not get better. But we, those who have a slight understanding of where all of this is going, need to explain to others that everything depends only on people’s upbringing and education so they will understand that the main law of nature is the universal global connection between us, and not only in our world, but between all the worlds.

And the more we violate that connection, the worse we will feel as a result. Let’s curb our egoism and not allow it to keep pushing us to commit further destruction, separation, and animosity against one another.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17

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  1. Well, concerning the fall of Google and facebook – it’s a good thing. These ara evil things (mainly FB). Since we are talking about connection between people, it’s not made on social networks but through real encounter, eye to eye.

  2. Dr. Laitman, Are you still supporting Donald Trump? If so, do you agree with his support of white nationalists and Nazis?

  3. How do we curb our egoism?

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