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My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/17/18


Excerpt from my latest on @newsmax: “The future is not going to be more of what we already know. And Trump, whether he is aware of it or not, is the precursor of that change.” #quoteoftheday For the full article: newsmax #trump #Governance

From Twitter, 1/17/18

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Does Psychology Help In Kabbalah?

laitman_547.04Question: I know from my experience that studying Kabbalah is very helpful in the work of a psychologist. Does a professional knowledge of psychology and psychiatry help or hinder advancement in the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: It doesn’t help at all. Either you are dealing with standard reactions that go on in the beast called a “human being” and trying to balance these with the influences that it receives in this world, or you are dealing with the upper world. It is one of the two.

I do not know what you mean by “Kabbalah” and how you can use it, I also do not want in any way to diminish your spiritual degree. It could be that you have an initial theoretical knowledge that helps you adapt to reality, but psychology speaks about how to get along in this world, while the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about how to rise up from this world.

It is the same thing with physicists. I often meet with scientists and am interested in all the achievements, but in general we have nothing to say to each other because we have different instruments for perceiving the world.

I can’t imagine how a psychologist could use Kabbalah in daily, practical work. Maybe only by telling a person that everything that acts on you comes from the Creator, so don’t worry everything will be fine.

 However, this is Kabbalistic psychology. It is not intended to calm a person down, but rather, advance the person.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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Is A Global Apocalypse Looming?

laitman_961,2Question: You constantly intimidate people with apocalyptic ideas and emphasize that those who study Kabbalah will be saved because your organization is the bearer of the method for saving humanity. Are you a messianic movement?

Answer: The Mashiach (Messiah) refers to the upper Light that gives a person the quality of bestowal and love, through which one begins to feel the Creator and therefore advances forward.

Mashiach comes from the word “Limshoch” (to pull out). It is not a person, but upper Light, the higher force that pulls us out of egoism and elevates us to the level of altruism and love.

Question: And what can you say about the apocalyptic ideas?

Answer: There are no ideas here; we just happen to live in a world that resembles one continuous apocalypse. And indeed, it is actually coming at us.

However, the wisdom of Kabbalah explains that although humanity might have great problems and suffering, the world is not going anywhere. It will still reach its correction when we will again come together as one single soul and will continue to exist in it in the form called Adam—the one soul.

It is not a physical body, nor our universe, nor our Earth, but a spiritual system someone who engages in Kabbalah can enter, reveal, begin to work in it, to exist in this system, and realize oneself. But one who is not engaged in it will not be able to do anything. Ultimately he will have to join because no one, not one soul, can avoid it.

Question: Is your organization truly the bearer of the method for saving humanity?

Answer: Absolutely. It is precisely this method that is the central force of our organization. It explains how to be saved from all problems, not just for an individual, but for all of humanity.

This salvation is only in balancing the negative forces that exist in us with positive forces. Studying Kabbalah attracts the upper Light through which a person can correctly counterbalance his negative egoistic forces, and upon this balance between both forces, he can begin to rise.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/24/17

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Love Of A Jew

laitman_938.02Question from Facebook: Does “Love your neighbor as yourself” only apply to Jews? Is it important for a Jew who studies Kabbalah to love all the people on Earth, for example: Ukrainians, Russians, or only Jews?

Answer: The Torah speaks about the general structure of the world. As it is written: “My house shall be called the house of prayer for all peoples.”

Question: So, you call the Torah a world book?

Answer: Of course. It is a world book and it is a world religion that was provided to all of humanity in ancient Babylon in the form it existed at that time. But only a small group of people accepted it; they were a few thousand people from all over Babylon who joined Abraham. Therefore, we can say that it exists not only for Jews and must apply to everyone.

The law of “love your neighbor as yourself” is the main law of the Torah. But first it must be realized by the followers of Abraham’s group, and then the whole world will accept this idea. The world has no other choice because everything is so connected in nature that we will still have to act in this way among ourselves—to lead ourselves to good mutual understanding.

Question: Who should love the one who studies Kabbalah? Who is the neighbor?

Answer: The neighbor, in the end, is everyone. But the realization of this idea should begin with a small group that will expand more and more.

At the same time, nationality is not important. After all, a Jew is not a nationality, but a gathering of all the small nations who lived in ancient Babylon and followed this law. This is an ideology.

Therefore, today, if a person, let’s say a Frenchman by origin, becomes Jewish, how does he change? He becomes Jewish by his spiritual purpose.

Yehudi (Jewish) comes from the word “Chibur,” “Yichud” (Unity). Israel means straight to the Creator. If a person aspires to it, he can be called a Jew. It is enough for him to accept this law. Nothing else is needed.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/18/18

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