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My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/2/18


I see 2018 as a critical year in the development of mankind. I do hope this will be the year of awareness to our own evil and our correction towards goodness. #climate #peace #israel #addiction #VR #AR #socialmedia

From Twitter, 1/2/18

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Pregnant Person

laitman_565.01In the News (Fox News): “The UK government objected to the term ‘pregnant woman’ in a United Nations treaty, claiming the term ‘excludes’ transgender people who give birth and should be replaced with ‘pregnant people’ …

“The move follows the UK government’s position to foster transgender inclusivity. Last week, Prime Minster Theresa May unveiled plans to go ahead with the so-called Gender Recognition Act that allows people to “self-certify” their gender.”

Question: Where is this taking us?

Answer: It is taking us nowhere. What difference does it make how they will be recorded in these documents? It is irrelevant. You deal with a person, not a piece of paper. It may be necessary for some procedural actions, for courts, but in general, they will not gain anything by it.

Question: Either way, will the status of “pregnant person” exist now? And men would be able to be considered pregnant, which is actually possible.

Answer: Of course, they will do everything! But, we must understand that we are now in a particular state, a particular stage in nature’s development when the individual is changing, one’s tastes are changing, and one’s orientation. Everything within a person is changing.

Already, young people do not want to marry and do not want to maintain normal relations between them. What haven’t they tried yet? They would rather buy sex dolls than get a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They generally do anything that comes to mind.

We need to understand that this tendency is natural because we did not correct the individual in time, didn’t give him the right guidance, the right information, as to how he should work with his own nature. That is why they are looking for ways that bring a certain kind of miasmic self-gratification or some kind of new sensation.

Moreover, they demand to be respected, to be acknowledged, to receive special consideration. So a large problem looms for humanity. In the end, all of this will escalate and accumulate into such a condition that society will not be able to bear it and must somehow change it through forceful measures.

Question: In principle, do you look at a person as a person?

Answer: I don’t look at a person. I look at his internal state, at his soul, and it is not dependent on how often he changes his gender or does anything else externally.

Question: Will such a way of relating to each other ever exist in our world?

Answer: I think it will come to replace our present, also revolutionary, period. Humanity is rising above all kinds of differences—gender and others—and will begin to speak about the inner qualities of a person, not about the external state.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 11/9/17

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How To Envision The Connection Between Us

laitman_264.01Question: How can we envision the connection between us?

Answer: Those who have not reached spirituality and just want to enter it can imagine this connection in different forms. The connections between us already exist, we just do not see them. They will be revealed to us to the extent that we acquire the intention to bestow.

Have you ever seen how laser beams are revealed by using a special spray in the room? After using a special spray, these beams become visible. But without the spray, they were invisible because they had nothing to reveal them.

This is exactly what we need to do because the connections between us already exist. We just need to make efforts for our relationships to become as loving as possible. And then these invisible threads will start to glow and we will feel that they really exist. In this way, we will be able to uncover the network that connects us, which is already available.

We will gradually reveal its increasing and greater complexity and will find that we are all interconnected by a multitude of threads. These links will become more spiritual, that is, aimed at bestowal.

This will happen at every step, as it is said, “the waste of the higher is food for the lower.” That is, we need to constantly improve ourselves in order to make our relationships with each other more qualitative and altruistic.
Ultimately, the whole world will join this network of connections because we are all one spiritual vessel.
From the lesson on The Book of Zohar 12/24/17

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Separate Diet and Vegetarianism

Laitman_506.4Question: How do you feel about the separate and vegetarian diets?

Answer: Separate diet – yes, vegetarian – no. A person is created such that he should eat meat. That is how we are made. We are animals that are adapted to eat various types of food. A human being is omnivorous!

In terms of the separate diet, it is advisable to eat meat and dairy products separately. If we take the laws described in the Torah about eating, then by checking it on ourselves, we will understand how much it corresponds with the spiritual root of health.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/20/17

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 208

laitman_559Question: What happens to the soul when a person commits suicide? Is the soul punished for the suicide of the body? And if a person with a point in the heart doesn’t develop it and a person is on a particular level of spiritual development and commits suicide, what is waiting for their soul; how will they be punished and are they punished equally?

Answer: After suicide, a person begins everything all over again.

Question: At the end of correction, in 200 years, when all of humanity will be united with the Creator, what will happen to those who already died and did not attain their correction while they were alive?

Answer: Everyone will be corrected!

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/3/18

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on Topic: “Entering the Ibur (Conception) With the Help of the Creator,” (Prep for Convention – January 2018), “Absorbed in the Upper One”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 10, Table of Answers for Topics, Item 88

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “A Handmaid that Is Heir to Her Mistress,” “A Slave and A Handmaid”

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