Convention “Absorbed Into The Upper One” – 01.05.18

Convention “Absorbed in the Upper One,” Preparation for Lesson 1

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Convention “Absorbed in the Upper One, “Living in the Reality that ‘There Is None Else Besides Him,'” Part 1, Lesson 1

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Convention “Absorbed in the “Upper One, “Living in the Reality that ‘There Is None Else Besides Him,'” Part 2, Lesson 1

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Convention “Absorbed in the Upper One,” Preparation for Lesson 2  

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Convention “Absorbed in the “Upper One, “Building the Creator in the Ten,” Lesson 2

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/4/18


Why Calling Lorde a ‘Bigot’ Won’t Earn Israel Any PR Points… and What Will
“Instead of trying to tell those who resent Israel that they are wrong, we should first explain to ourselves where these sentiments truly come from.” @BINAlerts BrakingIsraelNews #lorde #israel

Besides corporeal, Torah/Commandments exist on a higher level. It is said: I have created #Evil (ego) & the Torah for its Light (force) to correct Evil to Good, similar to Creator (love), bring everyone to the Torah’s main law: Love your neighbor. This is actualized from hatred.

Controlling one’s #spiritual life means to strengthen the connection between people in the group, step by step, drawing the surrounding light (the Torah), until the Upper Force (the Creator) begins to reveal between them.

Nature’s Program: to create and develop man to the Creator’s level. We’re entering the final stage of our development. The universal #crisis will force us to cease development in our world and transition to developing an anti-egoistic connection on the level of the Upper World.

One receives an aspiration for higher knowledge, Creator’s revelation. But it hinges on being similar to Creator, quality of love/bestowal. If one doesn’t want to exert, one makes up excuses for leaving Kabbalah, as he must justify himself for abandoning the path to the Creator!

Rabbi Nachman: Where scientists’ research ends, Kabbalists’ research begins. Baal HaSulam: The spiritual doesn’t pertain to corporeal sciences or philosophy, for they do not attain or sense it. Hence, we need only the Kabbalists’ #knowledge.

Correction of the #soul: if one aspires to unity but discovers that he is unable to unite, the ego won’t let him, the impossibility of achieving unity/love/bestowal is revealed to him. This sensation of the soul’s breaking, the record of the breaking, is called RESHIMO.

Our #world is false, illusory, appearing as physical bodies instead of souls (intentions). But only the intentions exist. To the extent they’re similar to the Creator, intention to unite into the common creation, Adam, we sense Him. The world of intentions is the Upper World.

From Twitter, 1/4/18

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What Do Want From Us, Laitman?

laitman_566.02Question from Facebook: You are always talking about the egoism of Jews, about the Jews being chosen to bring all nations to the love of others. But we are not that bad. We help each other in military conflicts, we sympathize with those who are victims of terrorism. Our military helps everyone. Right now we are saving people’s lives in other countries. What else is required of us?

Answer: The thing is, if we are choosing how to act according to our own understanding of what is “good” and what is “bad,” then, ultimately, we will achieve nothing. We see that the nations of the world continue to hate us more and more, no matter how good we are. We can help other nations, but they don’t take that into consideration and do not welcome it, they take it for granted.

It’s true, we try to get along with each other, and we fight to protect our country, our nation, our land. But all of this is merely self-preservation: I do good not for others, but for myself, for my children. That’s why none of this counts as altruism; it is not what is referred to when we speak about the quality of bestowal and love of others. This is simply self-preservation, an absolutely clear egoistic action.

Therefore, I urge you to understand what it really means to “love your neighbor as yourself,” what altruism is, what nature demands of us, in what manner it wants us to start interacting with each other; then all will be different.

We cannot live like the rest, because first of all, I don’t even see that the rest are living so peacefully. It is not pleasant for them either. But because we are responsible for the overall correction of the world, there is a special calculation with us. It is demanded that we settle the account first and to a greater extent than all the rest.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 11/9/2017

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Moses’s Farewell Message

laitman_740.02Torah, Deuteronomy 32:44 – 32:47: And Moses came and spoke all the words of this song into the ears of the people he and Hoshea the son of Nun. And Moses finished speaking all these words to all Israel. And he said to them, “Set your hearts to all of the words which I bear witness for you this day, so that you may command your children to observe to do all the words of this Torah. For it is not an empty thing for you, for it is your life, and through this thing, you will lengthen your days upon the land to which you are crossing over the Jordan, to possess it.”

Moses, as if, appeals to the people: “Take this as your goal, method, plan, and program to compose your entire life.

Enter the program that will bring you to the goal of creation. Otherwise it will take you thousands of years with wars and tremendous suffering, something that is undesirable in your eyes and mine. Either way, you will still have to fulfill what is bequeathed in this book.”

This sounds like a farewell message, like a father’s words: “Listen to me and everything will be good.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/1/17

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 203

Laitman_001.01Question: Is it precisely through contradictions—that it is possible to enjoy the Creator even though he is intangible—that one can attain the correct sensation of the Creator?

Answer: From the egoistic characteristics, it is impossible to imagine the opposite characteristics.

Question: Regarding the statement that the Creator does not exist and there is nobody to enjoy, if I don’t feel the Creator yet and if I will direct myself toward Him as if I can give Him joy with my effort and yearning for Him, then with such an attitude can I engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: A person can study Kabbalah with a wide range of intentions, especially with the intention to bring Him joy.

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