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Why Calling Lorde a ‘Bigot’ Won’t Earn Israel Any PR Points… and What Will
“Instead of trying to tell those who resent Israel that they are wrong, we should first explain to ourselves where these sentiments truly come from.” @BINAlerts BrakingIsraelNews #lorde #israel

Besides corporeal, Torah/Commandments exist on a higher level. It is said: I have created #Evil (ego) & the Torah for its Light (force) to correct Evil to Good, similar to Creator (love), bring everyone to the Torah’s main law: Love your neighbor. This is actualized from hatred.

Controlling one’s #spiritual life means to strengthen the connection between people in the group, step by step, drawing the surrounding light (the Torah), until the Upper Force (the Creator) begins to reveal between them.

Nature’s Program: to create and develop man to the Creator’s level. We’re entering the final stage of our development. The universal #crisis will force us to cease development in our world and transition to developing an anti-egoistic connection on the level of the Upper World.

One receives an aspiration for higher knowledge, Creator’s revelation. But it hinges on being similar to Creator, quality of love/bestowal. If one doesn’t want to exert, one makes up excuses for leaving Kabbalah, as he must justify himself for abandoning the path to the Creator!

Rabbi Nachman: Where scientists’ research ends, Kabbalists’ research begins. Baal HaSulam: The spiritual doesn’t pertain to corporeal sciences or philosophy, for they do not attain or sense it. Hence, we need only the Kabbalists’ #knowledge.

Correction of the #soul: if one aspires to unity but discovers that he is unable to unite, the ego won’t let him, the impossibility of achieving unity/love/bestowal is revealed to him. This sensation of the soul’s breaking, the record of the breaking, is called RESHIMO.

Our #world is false, illusory, appearing as physical bodies instead of souls (intentions). But only the intentions exist. To the extent they’re similar to the Creator, intention to unite into the common creation, Adam, we sense Him. The world of intentions is the Upper World.

From Twitter, 1/4/18

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