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The revelation of the laws “None else besides the Creator” & “Good that does good” happens not in us, but btwn us, in a group of Kabbalists, in the aspiration to establish “Love your neighbor as yourself” over the growing ego—a consequence of the Soul’s shattering.

#Law_of_the_upper_world is “None else besides Him, good that does god” can only be revealed in a group of 10. The revelation begins with the state of Embryo—I practically annul myself before the group, like to the Creator. Thus I cleave to the Upper one under any circumstances.

#The_path_above: If you feel a descent, it means the Creator drew closer to you, and so your differences from Him are revealed, for you to correct differences to similarities. Hence, rejoice in the descents, and ask for correction in joy! Thus a Kabbalist differs from a layman.

#Spiritual_work_ML. The Creator cannot be one’s personal teacher. It’s our ego that wants to acquire Him. But only to the extent that I bond with the group, when I “enter it,” annul myself in it, I discover the Creator’s presence at the center of the group’s unity.

At every moment it’s important to see that you received from Above everything you need to achieve the best possible future! #MotivationalQuotes #success #future

5. So, we must try to attain unity in the group until there’s: a) relative desire for it, b) realization that attaining it is impossible with our own strength and qualities, c) realization that it’s only possible in the Creator’s quality of bestowal, with His help, d) request…

4. #Spiritual_degree. Upon receiving the spiritual quality of love/bestowal, in which the Creator is revealed, the 10 attains this state—the 1st spiritual degree (1/125). It is filled with the upper light—the Creator’s revelation—and senses a new world, eternal and perfect.

3. #Prayer. The desire to change arises if the group (10) aspires to unite above personal egos into one will to bestow. Such an aspiration is called a prayer (MAN) to the Creator. If the prayer is ripe, it instantly draws an answer to the 10 from above (MAD, means of connection).

#Spiritualwork_ML. Sensation occurs in the contrast of light/dark in thoughts, feelings. Hence, we must comprise contrasting qualities. Perfection is attained from its absence. We already have the ego, but not Altruism! Our world is given to reveal perfection above the ego.

2. #Help_from_above. The upper light triggers the desire 2 change. It arises in the group (10, Minyan) in exertions to unite above the ego into one desire. Exertions lead to a realization that uniting with one’s strength is impossible, and only the higher force (Torah) can help.

1. #Meaning_of_life is 2 reveal Creator based on the law of equivalence, i.e. quality of bestowal a la Creator. But our nature is the will to receive (ego). Bestowal is Creator’s quality. Changing reception (ego) to bestowal is only possible thru the Creator (upper light, Torah).

#Spiritualwork_ML with a spiritual disturbance? Rise above it at once, ignoring the disturbance itself. Regard a disturbance as a springboard that hurls you upward, sent to you on purpose. It seems a disturbance psychologically, but it isn’t—it’s a means for ascent!

#Know yourself. To relate to yourself & others objectively, I propose organizing systematic, regulated “quarrels,” during which, under prearranged conditions, you can unload on your partner. And then, keeping the same control, return to the good state. It helps!

#Reward & punishment in an egoistic perception of the world are opposite to those engaged in spiritual ascent. Those who wish to escape the ego take criticism as a gift—an opportunity to ascend spiritually—and thus turn punishment to reward.

Old Jewish #joke: “I don’t like Pavarotti!” “You seen him perform?” “No, Rabinowitz sang it over the phone.” It’s funny to see critics of Kabbalah, who don’t know the subject & haven’t attained the Creator. I get it: it feels good to bark & show allegiance to the “Jewish KGB.”

Creator’s #revelation is a sequence of internal states that one struggles but connects to the Creator. The biggest mistake is thinking that things come not from Him, but from our world, behind which He’s concealed. By connecting everything to the Creator, I gradually reveal Him.

From Twitter, 1/9/18

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Why Kabbalah Is a Mystery To Us

laitman_219.01Baal HaSulam, in the “Introduction to The Study of Ten Sefirot” writes: “All the written and printed books are necessarily considered the Taamim of the Torah,” … “And there is no greater disclosure than writing a book.” “The part called ‘secrets of the Torah,’…you will not find even a trace of them in all the books of Kabbalah, in writing and in print.”

And this is really so. In fact, there are no secrets. They are mysteries to us because they relate to such levels of attainment our minds have no grasp of.

This is not the coordinate system, level, or the matrix dimension that we exist in today. So don’t be afraid of any problems. We have a lot of spiritual ascent ahead of us in order to enter such states where we begin to unfold the so-called mysteries.

They are attained by a spiritual mind, not the current one that can only add, subtract, multiply, and divide. A spiritual mind is a state that has no space, time, or movement. A mind that serves egoism is not suited for it.

Here you need a mind that works on the quality of bestowal—outside of yourself. We cannot imagine such a state. It is not a supercomputer but simply states unattainable for our current perception.

Remark: Baal HaSulam writes in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” that if we unite, heed the inner part of the Torah, than everything will be good; if not, it will be bad. He writes about the possibilities of third and fourth world wars. Actually, most of the journalists today are already writing about it too.

My Comment: What can we do? We have reached the end of the road. We have been speaking about it for many years, and today everyone is starting to agree.

Remark: It follows that if we progress naturally, it will be bad, but if we study Kabbalah, everything will be fine.

My Comment: No, it is not just studying it—implementing it. There is a big difference. I can open a book, lie on the couch, and wait for world peace. No! It is necessary to actualize Kabbalah, in our own experience, in our connections with everyone.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/24/17

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Gain A New Vision

laitman_237Question: How does a Kabbalist use the sixth sense organ to analyze his actions and desires?

Answer: When the upper Light reveals the property of bestowal (Bina) in you, which did not exist in you before, and you become a giving, understanding person who sees everything in reflected Light, then you gain a completely different vision. You simultaneously gain a new dimension over our earthly one, and everything becomes clear.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 9/3/17

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The Torah And Kabbalah

laitman_527.04Question: Kabbalists take texts from the Torah, explain them, comment on them, and then say that this is Kabbalah. Is there a difference between the Torah and Kabbalah?

Answer: The Torah is Kabbalah. In Hebrew Kabbalah is called “Torah Emet,” that is, the “true Torah.” It talks about the inner meaning of what the Torah describes in an allegorical language.

In the “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Baal HaSulam writes that Kabbalists had no other way to explain the structure of the upper world other than by using the language of this world. In fact, the Torah is not written about our world but only about the interactions of forces and qualities of the spiritual world.

Question: What came first Kabbalah or the Torah? What is the difference between them?

Answer: The Torah was written nearly 3,000 years ago and Kabbalah, the science of the control system of our world, appeared much earlier.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 9/24/17

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Creating A New World

laitman_936Question: In the developing society that is beginning to understand nature, will there be “a mother’s voice” warning about dangers?

Answer: Our inner voice will sound in us because we will feel everything through our connection.

This is not intuition, but attainment and revelation because we build a system between us that is similar to the governing force, and therefore, we reveal it within our system to such an extent that we come into contact with it.

This contact is mutual and constantly progressing. We see, feel, and understand everything we need. It is our mother, teacher, nanny—our everything. Through our system of connection, we influence the upper force that governs the universe and manifests itself in the connection between us.

Here we enter into completely different relationships: more real, more mature, and more internal. We begin to study the laws of commutation, the laws of behavior, and the laws of connection.

This is the most fascinating work because a person begins to create a totally new world. Moreover, he controls himself and society in alliance with the upper force until all of humanity comes to such a state.
From KabTVs “The Last Generation” 8/16/17

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 8/13/17, Part 1

laitman_961.2Question: Does a person’s quality of a conscience indicate that he or she has been corrected to some degree?

Answer: From the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, there is no conscience. Everything is built only on shame. When we say: “Where is your conscience?”, in fact, we want to say: “Aren’t you ashamed?”

Question: How should I respond to the fact that in most cases it is specifically people who are close to us that hurt and cause us pain? How does one overcome strong emotions? Should I be offended as a response?

Answer: We should focus on the Creator. Nobody is causing us pain except the Creator, and He acts through those who are close to us.

Question: What is the most important property for spiritual advancement?

Answer: The most important property for spiritual advancement is perseverance and patience.

Question: How do you deal with changes in mood?

Answer: I hold onto the only goal in life: not losing connection with the Creator. Therefore, I appreciate all my states and moods as a greater development around this connection.

Question: Do emotions depend on spiritual descents and ascents?

Answer: Spiritual descents and ascents help shape our emotions correctly. After all, if I feel bitterness and weakness during a descent, I simultaneously feel happiness because from the descent I already feel a taste of the ascent that I will have. Therefore, the spiritual state influences the emotion but doesn’t form it.

Question: I am involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah and my wife is waiting for external changes to happen: for me to be more compliant, kinder, calmer. Will this happen or is my development unconnected to my external emotional state?

Answer: You can tell your wife that this will happen soon.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/10/18

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Lesson on Topic: “Building the Creator in the Ten” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Messiah’s Shofar,” “First Benefit” 

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