Why Kabbalah Is a Mystery To Us

laitman_219.01Baal HaSulam, in the “Introduction to The Study of Ten Sefirot” writes: “All the written and printed books are necessarily considered the Taamim of the Torah,” … “And there is no greater disclosure than writing a book.” “The part called ‘secrets of the Torah,’…you will not find even a trace of them in all the books of Kabbalah, in writing and in print.”

And this is really so. In fact, there are no secrets. They are mysteries to us because they relate to such levels of attainment our minds have no grasp of.

This is not the coordinate system, level, or the matrix dimension that we exist in today. So don’t be afraid of any problems. We have a lot of spiritual ascent ahead of us in order to enter such states where we begin to unfold the so-called mysteries.

They are attained by a spiritual mind, not the current one that can only add, subtract, multiply, and divide. A spiritual mind is a state that has no space, time, or movement. A mind that serves egoism is not suited for it.

Here you need a mind that works on the quality of bestowal—outside of yourself. We cannot imagine such a state. It is not a supercomputer but simply states unattainable for our current perception.

Remark: Baal HaSulam writes in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” that if we unite, heed the inner part of the Torah, than everything will be good; if not, it will be bad. He writes about the possibilities of third and fourth world wars. Actually, most of the journalists today are already writing about it too.

My Comment: What can we do? We have reached the end of the road. We have been speaking about it for many years, and today everyone is starting to agree.

Remark: It follows that if we progress naturally, it will be bad, but if we study Kabbalah, everything will be fine.

My Comment: No, it is not just studying it—implementing it. There is a big difference. I can open a book, lie on the couch, and wait for world peace. No! It is necessary to actualize Kabbalah, in our own experience, in our connections with everyone.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/24/17

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