Creating A New World

laitman_936Question: In the developing society that is beginning to understand nature, will there be “a mother’s voice” warning about dangers?

Answer: Our inner voice will sound in us because we will feel everything through our connection.

This is not intuition, but attainment and revelation because we build a system between us that is similar to the governing force, and therefore, we reveal it within our system to such an extent that we come into contact with it.

This contact is mutual and constantly progressing. We see, feel, and understand everything we need. It is our mother, teacher, nanny—our everything. Through our system of connection, we influence the upper force that governs the universe and manifests itself in the connection between us.

Here we enter into completely different relationships: more real, more mature, and more internal. We begin to study the laws of commutation, the laws of behavior, and the laws of connection.

This is the most fascinating work because a person begins to create a totally new world. Moreover, he controls himself and society in alliance with the upper force until all of humanity comes to such a state.
From KabTVs “The Last Generation” 8/16/17

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