In Anticipation Of Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanRight now, we exist in a state where egoism is no longer pushing us from behind; there is no purpose pulling us forward, and in the sphere of our existence, nature itself is warning us from all sides that we’ve exceeded all limits in exploiting it and it cannot continue like this anymore. With every day, we’re destroying ourselves more and more, and like little foolish egoists, we don’t sense that tomorrow we’ll have nothing to eat and drink, nothing to breathe; we won’t be able to provide ourselves even with the basic necessities.

We came to a new, very interesting point where we need to understand how we can rebuild ourselves and our relationship to the world and nature in order to provide mankind with a normal life for centuries to come, where on the one hand, we’ll use natural resources with great care within the boundaries of economics and reasonable consumption, and on the other hand, we’ll give people a goal and motivation to act this way.

This goal should explain to a person that life with reasonable limitations and balance is attractive, benevolent, fills him, and gives him such special feelings that all of his prior opportunities could not give him.

Where can one find such an attractive goal, such a luminous dream, that a person will wake up happy and work with joy? Moreover, in the new, rebuilt society, people will work only two to three hours a day in order to provide themselves with all necessities, and they will have a lot of free time.

And what will a modern person do the rest of the time? Will he lie on a couch, watch television, drink beer, and watch soccer?! How can he occupy himself so that all of his egoistic needs, or despair, alienation, and helplessness would suddenly become positive emotions, transformed into something bright, joyful, and fulfilling? How can this be done?

So the next state of humanity poses several challenges for us: to give a person excitement and fulfillment in his rather simple and limited conscious life.

For that we need to raise, educate, and offer them the possibility for fulfillment. With what? Here we discover a truly new opportunity where a person starts to become fulfilled with something higher than our ordinary life because he or she can no longer fulfill himself with food, sex, and family. He can no longer fill himself with money, power, honor, and knowledge since even that comes to a certain rational end. And the only thing that remains is the next, the seventh degree, his or her spiritual development that stands above the previous basic desires. This spiritual development occurs when a person begins to reveal his or her next degree of existence in unity with others.
From a “Talk On Integral Education” 5/25/12

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  1. Hooray for 7

    Also, look to video games, they are the combination of all previous existing art mediums, and there has not been, in it’s 30 or so years of existence, a holy video game as of yet, as there are holy books. Construct that perfect art form, that perfect capsule of expression, love, bestowal and knowledge, and the world will be changed. Art, like the power behind the books of Torah, is what is needed. Communication.

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