Facing A Choice

Dr. Michael LaitmanCurrently, we’re receiving fairly strong negative action from nature with its pressure toward integral unification, but humanity doesn’t recognize this yet. Our challenge is to present mankind with this opportunity and to prevent the nihilism, alienation, and desolation that are already being felt in all the media.

On one hand, it‘s becoming not just fashionable but threatening. Earlier it might have helped relieve some kind of tension in society to lower consumer demand and gradually reduce our insatiable needs (our unlimited use of natural resources, and so on). Currently it’s starting to become dangerous because society itself is becoming subject to very bad internal influences. It’s similar to the way Hitler came to power, like all kinds of despots and tyrants usurp the throne, and so on.

On the other hand, if we don’t show the next state to humanity, especially to its developed part, then even in order to return to the previous state it’s possible that war awaits us ahead. After all, if people with enormous wealth see it slipping out of their hands since everything is becoming devalued, they will unleash a war. In the end, despite immense destruction and billions of human and technological losses, a new market will emerge and the rich can continue to profit, like a person who just had a full meal and is waiting until he becomes hungry again in order to re-engage in the process of satiation.

We see that there are two ways out. If we don’t give mankind a new paradigm of development, it will inevitably lead to war as the only possible solution. There’s a lot of research on this subject. This is planned within nature itself, which pushes us to find a solution under the influence of various disasters.

Or alternatively, we arrange it so that human society will begin to develop towards a new state, a new dimension, and then we will smoothly transition into it. But for that it’s necessary to initiate integral education.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 5/25/2012

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