Is A Global Apocalypse Looming?

laitman_961,2Question: You constantly intimidate people with apocalyptic ideas and emphasize that those who study Kabbalah will be saved because your organization is the bearer of the method for saving humanity. Are you a messianic movement?

Answer: The Mashiach (Messiah) refers to the upper Light that gives a person the quality of bestowal and love, through which one begins to feel the Creator and therefore advances forward.

Mashiach comes from the word “Limshoch” (to pull out). It is not a person, but upper Light, the higher force that pulls us out of egoism and elevates us to the level of altruism and love.

Question: And what can you say about the apocalyptic ideas?

Answer: There are no ideas here; we just happen to live in a world that resembles one continuous apocalypse. And indeed, it is actually coming at us.

However, the wisdom of Kabbalah explains that although humanity might have great problems and suffering, the world is not going anywhere. It will still reach its correction when we will again come together as one single soul and will continue to exist in it in the form called Adam—the one soul.

It is not a physical body, nor our universe, nor our Earth, but a spiritual system someone who engages in Kabbalah can enter, reveal, begin to work in it, to exist in this system, and realize oneself. But one who is not engaged in it will not be able to do anything. Ultimately he will have to join because no one, not one soul, can avoid it.

Question: Is your organization truly the bearer of the method for saving humanity?

Answer: Absolutely. It is precisely this method that is the central force of our organization. It explains how to be saved from all problems, not just for an individual, but for all of humanity.

This salvation is only in balancing the negative forces that exist in us with positive forces. Studying Kabbalah attracts the upper Light through which a person can correctly counterbalance his negative egoistic forces, and upon this balance between both forces, he can begin to rise.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/24/17

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