Is It Possible To Change The Course Of History?

laitman_265Question: What impact does ignorance about the program of creation and reluctance to know it have on world history?

Answer: History is what is written on our bones. Therefore, if we want to be participants in world history, then we should understand how to interpret and how to change it.

We are the ones who write today’s history. I have an opportunity to attract the upper Light with the help of the group. It can raise me above egoism, and then I will start to feel what is called the upper world. This will be my story.

Only I can do this with myself, and no one can stop me, but they can help me. The ten or the group exist for this purpose.

Question: Can Kabbalists interfere in history or change it?

Answer: I can interfere in history only by spreading the Kabbalistic method, and if people become interested in it, they will also improve our state. Otherwise we can not influence anything. In Kabbalah, it is impossible to manipulate the forces of nature. There are only two forces of nature, and you can only manipulate them within yourself.

You can only act in one direction: becoming more like the Creator. In this way the upper Light will pass through you to Malchut, in which all of humanity is.

Question: Can we say that history is the plan of creation, its program?

Answer: Yes. It is a program of revealing the plan of creation to the creations.

Question: And is everything deterministic, meaning that nothing can be changed, except the future? That is, can I act only in the present in relation to the future?

Answer: You can act in the present to change it.

This is what the Kabbalists say. This is the only purpose of Kabbalah. It teaches how to go through the period from our time until the end of correction of the whole creation quickly and pleasantly.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/16/17

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