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Convention In Vilnius “From Chaos to Harmony,” Day One – 11.03.17

Convention in Vilnius, “From Chaos to Harmony,” Lesson 1

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Convention in Vilnius, “From Chaos to Harmony,” Preparation Lesson 2 

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Convention in Vilnius, “The Ten,” Lesson 2 

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Workshop In A Circle And Practical Kabbalah – Part 3


Gathering of Friends

Question: Sports training is conducted under the guidance of a coach on the football field or in the gym, the study consists of reading textbooks, listening to the lectures and making notes. What is the basis of the workshop in Kabbalah, is it based on people’s conversation with each other?

Answer: The workshop is built on a conversation between people, but it is conducted on the basis of special texts written by Kabbalists. Each time, a new selection of excerpts is chosen according to a particular topic on which the basis of a workshop is built.

The workshop is not a simple discussion because it is not very important what people say. The guide can even ask them to talk together at the same time. What matters is not what they say, but what happens to their heart, to what extent it wants to join the group in order to bestow to it, connect others, and reveal the Creator. That is, it is not the words that are important, but the inner aspiration of a person toward the ten.

There is a special kind of a workshop that is called the gathering of friends. It involves not only ten, but a large number of people, as if many tens are connected together. Let’s say that there are eight billion people in the world, which is eight hundred million tens. This is also kind of a workshop, but more like a meeting.

The gathering of friends is a more general action that obeys the same laws as the workshop. At a gathering of friends, we do not engage in clarifications, but speak about positive things, such as our progress and achievements, the greatness of the friends, the teacher, and the Creator, the greatness of our goal, and our ascent.

The gathering of friends is always conducted in the “right line,” that is, without any criticism in order to raise the spirit in the group. Usually the gathering of friends are held in a large group with many people and all the tens are connected together into one circle; they sit together and feel as one ten.

Question: What is the purpose of such a gathering?

Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there is no more than HaVaYaH, that is, ten qualities. Therefore, any number of people in relation to the general assembly will always be like ten.

Question: What is the most important condition of a successful gathering?

Answer: The gathering will be successful if all of us want to feel ourselves connected. However, at such gatherings we do not discuss our deficiencies or any topic that can separate us or cause a rift between us. Everything is aimed at strengthening the greatness of the Creator and the group.

If we leave such a gathering filled with the sense of the greatness of the group, the wisdom of Kabbalah, the teacher, and the Creator and feel ourselves the happiest, it means that it was successful. This is not a psychotherapy, we really are telling the truth without being insincere.

We simply help each other to rise to the height of the group by this platform that the group creates for us, as if on an elevator. No matter at what level a person is, the group lifts him. The gathering of friends is an elevator, which upon entering, one can rise to the “second floor,” “third floor,” and even to the roof.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/20/17

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The Law Of The World’s Management, Part 2

laitman_571.06We cannot further increase our desires—now we need to change their use. But humanity does not understand this and therefore it is all confused about what is happening.

We have entered a period in which we no longer need a big desire. Therefore, the modern generation appears to be so tired and disappointed regarding further progress. Young people do not rush to attain a career or a family; they do not want to think about the future at all, which does not make sense to anyone.

And all of this is happening because, instead of the linear law of the growth of egoism, which everyone realized by himself, a new integral law, which requires us to connect with each other has begun to come into action. Now the development of the world depends on the strength of our connection, just like the cells in a body. The more kindness and reciprocity there is in our relations with each other, the further we will advance.

We see the same tendency in the development of technology; the more complex the programs and mechanisms become and the more internal components they contain, the more perfect the devices become. Progress is taking place, not by going deeper into concrete details, but due to their greater connection. All the technological development in recent decades is based on the creation of new connections between various elements.

But in human society we are not capable of such development because we, ourselves, are its elements. And we do not want to connect with each other. Therefore, we do not understand what the law of development wants from us. This is the biggest problem of humanity today, which is caused by a lack of understanding that we have entered a new era.

Baal HaSulam calls this period “The Last Generation” because people are beginning to understand that individual egoistic development is over and further progress is possible only through the development of the right connections between us. We have to understand that we belong to one system that is operated by the law of mutual participation and understanding.

All people should feel as cells or organs of the same body, properly connected with each other. When we establish such a connection, within it we feel a common force permeating all of nature, which is called the Creator. We ourselves create it through our right connection and reveal it inside Him.

This is the predestination of a person in this world and the call of our time. Humanity must now rise to this state. The sooner we become aware of the stages that are already embedded in the program of nature and want to realize them, the kinder and more pleasant our development will be. We will understand what goal is before us and will receive the correct response of nature to all our actions.

The final state already exists in nature and we are all perfectly connected to each other in it. This system is called Adam, the first man, that is, “similar” (domeh) to the general force of nature—the force of bestowal and unity. The correct mutual connection is called love in which each one understands the other’s needs and can interact with him correctly.

To love means to know how to provide the other with what he lacks and he can give me what I lack. In this way we realize the common, integral mechanism of all humanity. We have to understand that nothing excessive is created in the world. And if we know the system, we will find a suitable place for everyone that only that unique person can fill.

When a child assembles Legos, he usually has some extra pieces left. But this is only because he does not know the whole system. However, the one who created the system knew exactly where each part of it should fit and what its true function is.

Similarly, when we learn the whole system, we will understand how much each of us is needed in it and from this we will develop the correct attitude toward each other. After all, nothing excessive has been created in the system of nature.

If we understand that, in fact, the system of nature is integral, perfect, ideally interconnected, and that we do not see this because of our egoism, this attitude is called faith above reason.

That is, I am not guided by what I see and understand now according to my development, like a child who does not know how to assemble a puzzle, but I try to find the right place for attaching each detail in order to connect them to a complete system. This is called working above reason.

Therefore, we learn, search for, and study the laws of nature. We try to get to know each other and find out how we can unite in some form. While doing this, we discover differences among us, like children who pick up pieces of a puzzle but cannot put them together.

But, along with this, it must be understood that all the pieces of this “puzzle,” each person in our time, has already grown to his final state and has no other way to develop. If we push him and force him to develop as before, then mutations and malignant forms will appear in him.

And this is exactly what we see in our society and in our children because we do not give them a proper method of connecting with each other, which should be the next stage of our development. Only after studying the laws of correct interconnection will we understand, from them, the laws governing the world and will we be able to adjust our lives.
From the Convention “The Future Begins Here” In Europe, Day One 8/25/17, “The Laws of Guidance Over the World,” Lesson 1

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How Does Kabbalah Make A Person Free?

Laitman_712.03Question:  How does Kabbalah make a person free?

Answer: Kabbalah reveals to a person the full extent of his lack of freedom and explains the boundaries in which his freedom exists.

In our world, freedom from our egoism, from our nature, which consists of inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking parts, is possible. And only the method of Kabbalah delivers this outcome. The method of Kabbalah teaches us how to attract the higher power that lifts us above our animalistic egoism.

In actuality, we are very weak and unable to get away from our egoism. A person cannot pull himself out of a swamp. But with the help of the upper Light, which we can attract upon ourselves, we are pulled out of the material plain.

The so-called AHP of the upper descends onto us into Galgalta ve Eynaim of the one below, and we begin to rise; we transition from within the boundaries of our nature into a higher realm.

But, even there, we are still not free, meaning that we still cannot do whatever we want. Therefore, the concept of absolute freedom does not exist. Only the Creator has absolute freedom, but not the creation.

Creation can be in a state of freedom within its primordial, egotistical nature and, at the same time, seek equivalence of form with the Creator; in other words, seek to increase its attraction to altruism, to bestowal, and to love. In this state, a person feels completely satisfied and fulfilled; he does not have any deficiencies and feels unlimited freedom.

In addition, a person develops a sense of responsibility—he feels obliged to give, to help, and to fulfill others. A person feels that this state of an absolute lack of freedom is actually absolute freedom, achieved every time only by rising above his egoism, above all sorts of flawed sensations.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/2/17

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Resistance To The Wisdom Of Kabbalah, Part 5

laitman_254.03Question: Resistance to Kabbalah began back in the time of the Baal Shem Tov, and was provoked by the appearance of many related misconceptions: the Sabbatean movement, when Sabbatai Zevi declared himself a Messiah, Frankism, etc.

They used the Ari’s method and made a surrogate out of it, which attracted a lot of people to them. This caused fears against the Ari’s method and Kabbalah in general until today. How can these historical stereotypes be dispelled?

Answer: If you are looking for an excuse for accusing a movement you do not like, you can always find one. It is the same as when anti-Semites accuse Jews of all possible and impossible sins. It is the same aspiration to oppose the power of bestowal.

Is the Ari’s method to blame for the fact that Sabbatai Zevi took several proposals from it? There are many fictional theories supposedly based on Kabbalah: medical practices, cameos, magic symbols, notes, blessings. All of them use some terms from Kabbalah to show that they allegedly have power.

But we understand that there is no power in them, and eventually this emptiness will unfold, if not in this generation, then in the next one. All false stories die, except true Kabbalah. Kabbalists continue practicing the same method at all times, adjusting it to their generation and passing it on.

Baal HaSulam revealed the Ari’s method to the point that it had never been revealed before, and thus, wrote the Talmud Eser Sefirot, which is a commentary on Ari’s “Tree of Life” and also  The Sulam Commentary on The Book of Zohar. It is impossible to elaborate more on this method. And Rabash revealed work in a group for us, which had not been done before. Even the leader of Hasidism the Baal Shem Tov did not leave behind a single book about his methods.

By studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, we follow the methods of Baal HaSulam, and we use Rabash’s method to implement it in work in the group. If someone does not agree with this, then he will always find an excuse for accusations. But there are no other Kabbalistic books that describe a clear Kabbalistic method.

Ultimately, all resistance to Kabbalah is in favor of Kabbalists and only does harm to the accusers themselves. Criticism, published by ill-wishers, turns into another form of spreading Kabbalah. Gradually it becomes clear that opponents of Kabbalah have no idea about it and are not in spiritual attainment, and therefore, all their accusations are far-fetched.

Their attitude will not change, but will become even tougher as we approach the end of correction. This is called the “war with Amalek” when we spread the law of love of one’s neighbor as oneself, which is taught by the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah appeals only to unity. We implement it through practical work in groups of ten, as Moses once did. The method of unification, which we obtained from Kabbalists allows us to reveal an upper force between us. Man exists in this world for this very purpose.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/17, Lesson on the Topic: “The Resistance to Kabbalah”

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 11/1/17


Preface to the book of #Zohar: It’s clear to any sensible person that what we see is not the world, but a reflection of our own qualities.

We keep trying to change the world in vain. Kabbalah: The world is a reflection of our qualities—by changing yourself, you change the world!

Imagine a TV announcement: whoever doesn’t attain #love of others by the year X will be destroyed. That’s the condition embedded in nature!

Instead of destroying what’s “wasteful” or “harmful,” we must realize the #solution lies in the correct combination of all things

#Kabbalah: the method to reveal the Creator. Rule 1: Always see the Creator acting in you, behind every thought & desire. He is your root!

Kabbalah: the method to reveal the Creator. Rule 2: Relate to the #good & the bad equally well, because everything comes from the Creator.

Kabbalah: the method to reveal the Creator. Rule 3: I am the point of sensation. Everything outside (my body, world) stems from the Creator

From the Creator, the world of infinity, the light of good comes down to us. But if we can’t accept it correctly, it leads to all the woes.

“Religion” means the method of attaining love for everyone. Everything else is a distortion of religion by the human #ego.

Everything happening in the #world comes from One source, and only so that we hear and understand what He’s saying to us.

Because the world is inside us, the #Torah (religion) only speaks of personal correction in, “Love your neighbor,” & not external actions.

World shows us our qualities, like a mirror. The #evil you see in the world is in you. Don’t grouse at the world, ask to correct yourself.

From Twitter, 11/1/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/3/17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “There’s None Else Besides Him”

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