Workshop In A Circle And Practical Kabbalah – Part 3


Gathering of Friends

Question: Sports training is conducted under the guidance of a coach on the football field or in the gym, the study consists of reading textbooks, listening to the lectures and making notes. What is the basis of the workshop in Kabbalah, is it based on people’s conversation with each other?

Answer: The workshop is built on a conversation between people, but it is conducted on the basis of special texts written by Kabbalists. Each time, a new selection of excerpts is chosen according to a particular topic on which the basis of a workshop is built.

The workshop is not a simple discussion because it is not very important what people say. The guide can even ask them to talk together at the same time. What matters is not what they say, but what happens to their heart, to what extent it wants to join the group in order to bestow to it, connect others, and reveal the Creator. That is, it is not the words that are important, but the inner aspiration of a person toward the ten.

There is a special kind of a workshop that is called the gathering of friends. It involves not only ten, but a large number of people, as if many tens are connected together. Let’s say that there are eight billion people in the world, which is eight hundred million tens. This is also kind of a workshop, but more like a meeting.

The gathering of friends is a more general action that obeys the same laws as the workshop. At a gathering of friends, we do not engage in clarifications, but speak about positive things, such as our progress and achievements, the greatness of the friends, the teacher, and the Creator, the greatness of our goal, and our ascent.

The gathering of friends is always conducted in the “right line,” that is, without any criticism in order to raise the spirit in the group. Usually the gathering of friends are held in a large group with many people and all the tens are connected together into one circle; they sit together and feel as one ten.

Question: What is the purpose of such a gathering?

Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there is no more than HaVaYaH, that is, ten qualities. Therefore, any number of people in relation to the general assembly will always be like ten.

Question: What is the most important condition of a successful gathering?

Answer: The gathering will be successful if all of us want to feel ourselves connected. However, at such gatherings we do not discuss our deficiencies or any topic that can separate us or cause a rift between us. Everything is aimed at strengthening the greatness of the Creator and the group.

If we leave such a gathering filled with the sense of the greatness of the group, the wisdom of Kabbalah, the teacher, and the Creator and feel ourselves the happiest, it means that it was successful. This is not a psychotherapy, we really are telling the truth without being insincere.

We simply help each other to rise to the height of the group by this platform that the group creates for us, as if on an elevator. No matter at what level a person is, the group lifts him. The gathering of friends is an elevator, which upon entering, one can rise to the “second floor,” “third floor,” and even to the roof.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/20/17

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