Workshop In A Circle And Practical Kabbalah – Part 1

laitman_934Question: The method of Kabbalah allows us to change a person’s nature so that he will start caring for others instead of himself. To implement this technique, workshops in the circles, roundtables, are used. What is a roundtable?

Answer: The roundtable is a group action in which men, women, and children participate. Kabbalah is a method of revealing the Creator by the created beings in this world, and this is only possible when there is an equivalence of qualities. It means that we must acquire qualities that are similar to the upper force and then we will be able to reveal it, like any locator should be ready for those phenomena that it is designed to discover.

For example, a smoke detector is built in order to react to smoke rather than a sweet, bitter, or sour taste. So here if I want to reveal the upper force, I must form the sensory organ within myself that is similar to the nature of the Creator that I do not have yet. Then I will be able to find the Creator, like a bloodhound that got the trail. All I need is a sense of smell to discover where He is hiding.

Kabbalists say that the Creator hides between us. If we have kind, good relationships between us and there is mutual aid and love for friends, as if we are one man with one heart, it means that we indeed want to feel ourselves as one whole.

In this aspiration, we begin to feel, like a dog with its nose, the presence of the Creator. We do not look for Him somewhere in other worlds and spaces, but connect with each other more and more in order to find where and how we can reveal the Creator.

It is clear that once we build friendly relations between us we will reveal the upper force inside them. The network of connections between us that are as kind as possible, up to love, is called Shechina (Divinity), because we want to discover the presence of the Creator within it, which is called Shochen.

Therefore, there is no need to move to another space; we just need to correct the network of relations between us to mutual love, bestowal, embracing, and unity to such an extent that we will become so close to each other internally that within this connection the Creator will be revealed. The only thing we need to worry about is our unity, and everything else will be revealed within it.

In order to build such a special connection, we work in a group of ten people who want to reveal the upper force. If they implement the advice of Kabbalists, they gradually reveal this force.

It is desirable that such a ten gather every day to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and also to try to connect all the friends together through talking about unity, reading Kabbalistic articles, and performing all sorts of exercises.

All this is in order to build such relations between the friends within which the network of connections between us will be revealed. This network already exists, but we need to pull it out of concealment, like a net from depths of the sea. As fishermen drag the fish out with the net, so too will we pull the Creator out with this network and reveal Him.

A workshop in a circle is an action that allows us to become similar to the qualities of the upper force. This is the entire practical wisdom of Kabbalah that speaks about the ascent of a person from the bottom upward.

There is a part of Kabbalah that explains the structure of the universe that descends from the world of Infinity downward. Its other part teaches how from this world to rise back to the world of Infinity and reveal the Creator. This work is done through the workshops in the circles.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/20/17

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