The Difference Between Kabbalah And Religion

laitman_219.01Question from Facebook: Throughout its history, humanity has created many religions and beliefs. What is the difference between Kabbalah and other religions?

Answer: Humanity has been creating different beliefs until this day. What does a person believe in? In an upper force. The dollar, wealth, power, this is also an upper force. We do not call them religions because we do not want to name them as such. But what do we worship more? Wealth or the real upper force?

Humanity is constantly creating more and more new religions for itself: bitcoins, robots, other grandiose forces that can help a person improve his state in some way.

In principle, what is the Creator needed for? To improve my state in this world with some kind of hope for the future world. What exactly is there, no one knows. We will either take wealth with us like a pharaoh, or, conversely, we will give everything away to go there empty-handed, but with a ready soul; all these philosophies, of course, are not confirmed by anything, but they do exist.

Kabbalah differs from all religions, beliefs, and all sorts of possible quests of humanity by raising a person above our nature, above the nature of this world, above egoism, and one begins to prepare oneself beforehand for the state that we imagine existing after our death.

Let’s imagine a fantasy: our body is dying. In Kabbalah, body means egoism. It continuously wants to somehow fill itself. This is not just a physical body, a biological mass, but my ego—the desire for wealth, fame, knowledge, family, sex, food, rest, entertainment, for everything that exists. Naturally, my ego dies along with my physiological body.

We do not have such ideas as a Pharaoh, that it is necessary to take a lot of food supplies, concubines, soldiers, etc. with us to the future world. That is, egoism dies, and a person leaves in an indefinite direction with empty hands, as they say, naked and pure.

Kabbalah enables a person living in this world to experience a state when he is separated from his egoistic “I,” his body, as if he is dying, to make his ego die.

And then he feels himself free, literally soaring in weightlessness. He reveals the following state, above the egoistic state, called life not in desire, but life in faith; life not in receiving, but “life in bestowal.”

Then a completely different perception of reality arises: reality is not in how much I can swallow up now, devouring and absorbing into myself, but in getting out of myself and, conversely, as broadly as possible, continuing to feel all this, see, and whenever possible bestow. That is, this is a different perception, a different movement, a completely different paradigm.

It gives a person an unlimited perception of reality. Which one? The one that exists. What does it look like? We do not know, but the one not infringed upon by our egoism, not minced in it like in a meat grinder, when we grind inside ourselves all the data we receive without even being aware it.

That is, what I feel right now, I feel that after everything that surrounds me has entered into my ego, it has been minced there and given out to me as a kind of “stuffing”: this world and myself.

It is the derivative of my ego. And I want to get it without transferring it through my ego, to see the world as it is. But this is not given to anyone. For this, I need to nullify my ego. This is what Kabbalah gives me.

As a result, after we become convinced nowadays that egoism is our enemy, a villain who distorts and disfigures the whole picture of the world, and we live inside the ego as if we have swallowed drugs and exist in this ghostly, completely unreal world, which is why it is called a fictitious world; the wisdom of Kabbalah gives us an opportunity to rise above this. That is, it gives the opportunity to kill your own ego, rise above it, and see through your undistorted sensation what exists in reality.

And then we discover that beyond our egoism there is only an upper force, the one single force called the Creator. We begin to attain it and everything becomes clear. It is clear what to live for, why He created everything in this way, and why we should come to the revelation of the Creator through so many problems, through so many millennia of our disgusting egoistic development. We begin to understand all this, to appreciate and not to condemn it, but, on the contrary, to justify it.

All this is attained through the wisdom of Kabbalah. Therefore, it has nothing to do with any religion, including Judaism. Naturally, nowadays even believers and even more so other people understand that today’s ordinary religion is far from true.

It is Kabbalah that is called the Torah of the Truth (Torat Emet), and not the usual approach. It is the true instruction for the birth of a spiritual person, for the revelation of the Creator, for understanding of what is really said in the Torah.

Therefore, people are disappointed in religion. This disappointment appeared a long time ago. There is no other way to reveal the truth. And now this truth is revealed through the wisdom of Kabbalah, through its genuine sources.

Question: Why is the wisdom of Kabbalah revealed only now?

Answer: Humanity has been developing for thousands of years. It was predicted by the wisdom of Kabbalah a long time ago that the end of the 20th century would be the time of transition to a new stage, to a new level of attaining of the Creator.

In principle, everything that we strive for in reality, no matter what it is, money, power, knowledge, all sorts of pleasures, means that we are digging inside ourselves to find something really worthwhile. And what is worthwhile is called the Creator.

Whatever people do, be it religion, all sorts of cults, science, etc., they discover the bankruptcy of their efforts and quests. In the end, this leads them to Kabbalah. Therefore, nowadays people from all levels of humanity, with different knowledge and aspirations begin to somehow change their vector, even though they do not realize this.

Therefore, our organization has set this goal: to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah, that is, the knowledge about the causes of human existence, about the realization of the real goal of humanity in this world. It made its goal to uncover this method, to reveal the Creator to man in our world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/31/17

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