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Convention In Vilnius, “From Chaos To Harmony,” Day Two – 11.04.17

Convention in Vilnius, “From Chaos to Harmony,” Preparation Lesson 3

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Convention in Vilnius, “Practical Work in the Ten,” Lesson 3

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Convention in Vilnius, “From Chaos to Harmony,” Preparation Lesson 4

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Convention in Vilnius, “Perception of Reality Through the Ten—A World Full of Love,” Lesson 4

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Convention in Vilnius, “From Chaos to Harmony,” Preparation Lesson 5

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Convention in Vilnius, “The Ten As an Embryo,” Lesson 5

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Find Your Place In The System Of The Universe

laitman_214Question: How do we determine our place in the system of the universe and find our path to the Creator based on the knowledge that we receive in the Kabbalah classes?

Answer: When we study the material from the side, the systems or the worlds seem to align into a single picture. The system can be clearly seen. But where am I in this system? For that, I have to reveal it, see it, feel it, exist in it, and direct it in the full meaning of that word.

In order to reveal it, a person has to rise above his egoistic nature because the entire system is based on altruistic forces and principles. Therefore, an egoist cannot reveal, see, attain, direct, or exist in it. And this is the real system of the worlds.

In essence, it is unlike our world. This world is an illusory one that we perceive in our egoistic senses or qualities. That is just what it is called: Olam HaMedume or the imaginary world.

And the real world is the world in which the upper force, the kind force called the Creator, exists in the open. It is in that very same world that we have to realize ourselves and our freewill, our ability to rule the upper world.

Question: Will every person be able to find their place there?

Answer: Absolutely everyone! It is because the upper world exists that a person must find himself there, determine his place, his point, his root, and delve into it and realize himself fully.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/25/17

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“Listen, O Heavens, And Let The Earth Hear”

laitman_746.03Torah, Deuteronomy 32:01: Listen, O heavens, and I will speak! And let the earth hear the words of my mouth!

Moses brought the sons of Israel to the state in which two opposite parts, Bina and Malchut, two qualities within each of us and in the creation in general, merge together. The voice coming from Bina can reach Malchut, that is, from heaven to earth, and the voice of the people can rise from the earth (Malchut) to heaven (Bina).

The connection between Bina and Malchut is the most important thing that we have. From Bina we receive the quality of correction, the quality of bestowal that is added to the quality of Malchut (reception), and we perform reception for the sake of bestowal.

From this moment on, the people of Israel are already ready to cross the Jordan and enter the land of Israel. The land of Israel is those desires that need to be corrected to reception for the sake of bestowal. Moses prepares the people for this.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/30/17

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The World At A Crossroad, Part 8

Laitman_049.02As soon as a country moves from liberalism to Nazism (which occurs naturally) and begins to unite within it on the basis of egoism, it immediately turns against the Jews.

This is because the Jews, by their inner nature, belong to the way of correction that goes above egoism. Since Nazism unites people on a natural, egoistic basis, it immediately feels something in the Jews not acceptable for a human.

Even if a Jew wants to join them and also become a national-socialist, he will not be accepted because within him there is a seed, an inner basis that is opposite to the egoistic unity. The Nazis feel it immediately and instantly become anti-Semites.

There is no anti-Semitism under democracy because it does not act for the public unity, but on the contrary, promotes separation. The democratic, liberal system allows everyone to do whatever they like. That is “Democracy”!

However, when democracy ends and unity begins, anti-Semitism immediately arises. Therefore, pluralism in the US ended, and there either will be a rigid Nazi regime, much worse than it once was in Germany, or a correction.

Question: Why don’t the Jews feel that they must bring the method of correction to the world and Nazis are developing rapidly?

Answer: It is because the Nazis are developing inherently, by nature, according to the general program of creation. Nature does not promote the way of correction; we ourselves must pave it.

Nature develops only naturally, by the way of suffering: egoism grows all the time and takes different forms along the way. Therefore, there was slavery, then feudalism, capitalism, democracy, socialism, and Nazism. This is the usual way the development of egoism.

Kabbalah is a method of uniting human society at a certain stage when it reaches the dead end of its egoistic development. Society already must connect, but egoism does not allow it. Then the wisdom of Kabbalah, which provides a method of uniting above egoism, is revealed. Therefore, there was a period when this wisdom was hidden, and now it is permitted to study it.

The method of Kabbalah is implemented in a circle. When we connect into a circle where everybody is equal, we as if build a special device from our desires that captures the hidden force of common nature. After all, nature is global and it is one system. Therefore, by making a circle, we, like a magnetic coil, attract the special force from nature that unites us.

If we start working correctly in the circles, we will begin to generate the positive, kind force of unity inside them and we will want to correct our society accordingly.

The method of the circle teaches that the center of the group is more important than each of us individually. Therefore, we annul ourselves in order to get into the center of the circle and dissolve in others. If a person receives such an education and feeling, he will want to build his society according to these principles for himself and for his children. We correct the stone inside the fruit, and therefore the fruit itself also changes from the outside.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Europe at a Crossroad”

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There Is No God

laitman_546.02Question on Facebook: If God exists, why did He allow six million people from his chosen nation to perish during the Second World War? Why does He allow others to attack His chosen people today too? I know you will not answer this question, but I am asking anyway.

Answer: I will give you an answer. But maybe you will not see it as one.

Everything that happens in the world, including the extermination of the Jews during the Second World War, was and is carried out by God, who actually does not exist.

There are two forces in the world: the negative and the positive, and they are initially mutually balanced. We are between them in order to constantly support their ongoing development. These two forces develop in such a way that the negative force is constantly growing—this is the growth of egoism within man and humanity. On the other hand, the positive force must be brought into the world by us through the positive interactions between us.

These positive interactions between us can be generated only in the midst of the Jewish people and then spread from it to all the other nations of the world. This is called “being a Light onto the nations.”

Question: So only the Jewish people are able to generate this positive force?

Answer: That is right! And if we don’t do this, all the nations of the world unite against us because they see us as the source of evil. We do not deliver to them the goodness that must come from us to them and that is equivalent to causing harm.

This is why they think that the Jews are the source of the greatest harm in the world and that things would get better by exterminating us. There are many theories about this topic, which come from within a person who experiences suffering caused by the Jewish people.

Therefore, there is nowhere for us to hide. We constantly have to balance out the positive and negative forces and by that we—and through us all the nations of the world—will attain the full correction, meaning the proper connection between the positive and negative forces. Then people will love, respect, and appreciate us. This is our mission.

Until we do that, we really will be the most horrible people on earth. Everyone will want to exterminate us, instinctively thinking that it is possible to destroy us, and that this will bring goodness into the world. But it will not.

That is, all the punishments and attempts to exterminate the Jewish people are intended only to force us, a stiff-necked or stubborn people, to fulfill our mission and promote the whole world toward a wonderful future.

Question: Supposing that the Jewish people will want to unite and will begin this process, will other people welcome it?

Answer: Of course. It will be the most welcomed and respected people of all. Everyone will venerate the Jews.

Question: So, does God exist?

Answer: The middle line, which balances out the right and left lines, is called God.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/17

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