The World At The Crossroads, Part 5

Laitman_408Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: It turns out that the world erroneously considers Nazism a particular offshoot of Germany. In truth, it is the offshoot of a democracy and socialism that were left without religion, manners, and justice. Thus, all the nations are equal in that; there is no hope at all that Nazism will perish with the victory of the allies, for tomorrow the Anglo-Saxons will adopt Nazism, since they, too, live in a world of democracy and Nazism.

The continuous development of egoism, which is fundamental in nature, leads us to unity, which is called “democracy.” We see that sooner or later, a “democratic” system will be established in all countries and nations.

Democracy means that the majority decides. But no matter how paradoxical it may seem, following democracy, fascism comes. We have already seen such examples in all possible forms, and this is not an accident, but a logical development. Democracy and socialism breed fascism and Nazism. We must understand that this is a natural development that will happen everywhere.

Calls for democracy, socialism, ultra-liberalism, universal equality, to the rule of the majority establish equality in a society that is no longer divided into aristocrats and common people, rich masters and poor slaves. Everyone starts to mix up and there is supposed to be equality for all. This means that people begin to come together and unite.

But their connection turns out to be egoistic, and therefore, it first leads them to liberalism, democracy, and socialism, which then naturally turns into Nazism and fascism. These are the stages in the development of egoism. And there is only one solution that can actually work: unification that is not based on egoism, but is above it, what is called “faith above reason.”

It turns out that all nations in the course of their development that do not adopt the method of Abraham, that is, Kabbalah’s method, will certainly come to Nazism, whether they want it or not. There is definitely a very big difference between India and China if we compare them with Europe and America. But in the places with the most democracy and socialism, Nazism will be established much faster.

The fascists will take many years to come to power in India or China because dictatorship is the form of power and they do not try to establish equality. But this will happen very quickly in Europe and America. And it will be a natural development. Baal HaSulam wrote about the Nazis in America back in the 20s of the last century. And it was not a prophecy, he simply knew the laws of nature and its development.

The United States is a very rapidly developing country, and it cannot be that it will not come to fascism and Nazism after Germany. And humanity must realize that it stands at the crossroads.

Either humanity will come to fascism or it will accept Kabbalah’s method. Then we will begin to understand where we are. This knowledge itself already heals human society because it awakens great surrounding Light that will certainly correct humanity.

There is no other way: our duty is to disseminate the method of unification. That is why we received a desire to study the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is our mission. And of course, interest in Kabbalah is not given to us so that we look indifferently at how the world is moving toward the abyss.
From the 1st part of the  Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Europe at a Crossroad”

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