Abraham’s Discovery

laitman_740.01The Creator is the quality of bestowal and love. He is absolute. And only in this way does He manifest to us. In order to be revealed to His creatures and to make them similar to Him, He created them opposite to His nature, as it is written: “I created the evil inclination.”

However, although He created us as evil creatures that become more and more egoistic every day, at the same time, He gave us an instrument for correction. The only problem is that all this happens gradually according to the laws of nature.

Nature develops according to the laws of inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human organisms. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, a person differs from an animal not by walking on two legs with an uplifted head (after all, an ostrich also walks on two legs) and not by the ability to think. He has an aspiration toward the purpose of life that distinguishes him from animals.

This is a clear desire to know the purpose of life, the question about its meaning: “Why and for what do I live? What is defined in nature as the purpose of my creation and existence?” These questions really worry some people. However, while they ask these questions, they do not know how to answer them.

The first person who attempted to answer this question 5,777 years ago was a man called Adam, who through his thoughts, feelings, inner aspirations, and deep scrutiny penetrated the secrets of the universe and wrote a small book about it called The Secret Angel, which has survived until our time.

Thanks to this discovery and work on himself, he began to correctly use the forces of nature for his development and he was called Adam. “Adam” from the word “Domeh” (like) the Creator.

Many people in different generations after Adam used his method. It went through 20 generations of his disciples and then reached Abraham, who lived in Ancient Babylon and at first was a preacher of the not-quite-correct approach to nature. He believed that spirituality is divided into many gods that should be worshipped.

However, later he discovered that all these many opposite forces of nature that act independently and even have some positive and negative interactions between them, like various ancient Greek gods, in fact, come from one single mind and force.

This mind we must explore, reveal, and approach, and then a person will know and understand what the meaning of life is. Abraham believed that otherwise all the centuries that had passed since Adam were unremarkable and useless.

In principle, we explore different forces that really do exist. However, they do not have a common base (source) and it is necessary to reveal it. This is what Abraham did.

He discovered the unified force of nature above its other disparate forces, which at that time all the people worshipped, including himself until he discovered this single force.

When he explored it, it turned out that it is absolutely good and unified. This is exactly what Abraham started to explain to the Babylonians.

It seems to us that there is no difference between polytheism and monotheism. However, monotheism means not worshipping one force, but becoming similar to it. The fact is that when a person, in fulfilling his destiny, strives to become like it, at the same time, he changes himself, his behaviour, his view of life, and builds social relations in accordance.

By changing himself, he changes the world, society, and his family. He creates everything according to one single pattern that he receives from above by attaining, explaining, embracing, and exploring the upper force.

In principle, this is what Abraham did. He tried to explain everything to his students and they followed his path. Thus, a group of people was organized called the people of Israel, from the word “Isra-El” (Isra – straight, El – the Creator), who were directed straight to the Creator. In other words, this is a group that is directed to the exploration of the good, unified force—the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/4/17

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