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My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/10/17


Democracies lead to nationalism. This cyclicity can only be broken by correcting man’s egoistic nature #democracy @BBCWorld

#TeachersDay A Teacher puts a child on a path that he won’t stray from till the end of his life. Otherwise, is he really a Teacher?

#Teacher is needed to reveal the meaning of life. He organizes every step in spiritual work-otherwise man is like a baby stranded in woods.

#WorldTeachersDay To teach nature’s law: Nature is a closed system, thus unification solves all hardships, and disconnection begets them.

#A Teacher teaches HOW, not WHAT to think. How to be independent of everyone and oneself, pointing only at the goal—Creator’s revelation.

#Teachers Who needs education? The youth. To find the inner meaning of communication & tame the individualism rising from destructive ego.

From Twitter, 10/10/17

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The Secrets Of A Glorious Wisdom

Laitman_632.1Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: This concept is clarified over nearly 2,000 pages that explain all the secrets of Torah that the human eye cannot see. It will make every person believe in its truthfulness, as they will see that they are the words of the Lord, for secrets of a glorious wisdom attributed to prophecy testifies to their truthfulness.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a great knowledge about the system of governance, the upper force, and how we can be included in this governance, how we can influence it, and how it can influence us. That is, a person rises to the level of the Creator. It is written: “Rise up to me.”

I think that humanity will not go through terrible sufferings in order to recognize this wonderful opportunity and will begin to climb this ladder.

Question: When Baal HaSulam speaks about “the secrets of Torah that the human eye cannot see,” does he mean the Light that Reforms that “will make every person believe in its truthfulness” by gradually awakening a person to this? That is, one way or another, is this a passage to the point in the heart?

Answer: Yes. Only through gradual sensations.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/10/17

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Not By Bread Alone

laitman_547.05From “The Crisis and Its Solution” (Forum in Arosa, 2006):

Although at first, everyone will work for the benefit of society under the compulsion and influence of his environment, the support and recognition of his actions by society will fill him with such complete satisfaction that a person will begin to perceive bestowal to society as the ultimate, special value even without receiving a moral reward from his environment in concrete cases.

In other words, the point is not in how much we receive today and how much later. Fulfillment depends on how we receive, in what form, for what, and why. It is possible to eat a few ounces of food and be satisfied as if you ate several pounds. It all depends on internal, spiritual satisfaction.

Spiritual significance in food, clothing, in any fulfillment received by a person, gives him pleasure and the desire to preserve and be satisfied with less. And this will not be a result of coercion; society will come to this as a result of integral education. It is written that a “man does not live by bread alone” because spiritual fulfillment is more important.

And even now, we are not fulfilling ourselves with the food itself; we are trying to extract pleasure from it. But pleasure from a piece of meat cannot be compared with that which can lay beyond it: how we are receiving it and for what reason we eat.

Question: It is obvious that what is most important in a job is not the salary, but the fulfillment it gives a person, the interactions. Why then is the necessity to work for the benefit of society perceived by the ego as a bitter duty?

Answer: Because today a person doesn’t receive a pleasurable sensation from giving to society., but the opposite! This is the result of “liberalism” and “democracy,” which have been touted in the last forty years. The entire approach received a wrong slant because everyone prides himself on his own dismissive relationship to others, his separateness from society, like a thief who hasn’t been caught.

Society values exactly these kinds of people—strong personalities. That’s why all of society has rotted thoroughly. If this “liberalism” is not stopped now, then it will bring us to war. At the end of Obama’s tenure an ultimate war was already spoken about openly because the world was actually moving toward it. I hope that now there will be changes.

A slant to the right is also not allowed; there needs to be a balance. This will be the real “pluralism” that was dreamt of at one time, and not the kind that came to be when democrats support democracy only while they are in power. And as soon as someone else is elected, they come out to protest and try to bring him down. How can people, calling themselves democrats and liberals, not agree with the results of an election?
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/5/17,“Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “The Desirable Result”

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The World At The Crossroads, Part 6

115.06Question: Why does Nazism and fascism inevitably lead to war, as we see from history?

Answer: It cannot be any other way! One can ask why can’t Nazism stay within its own country? However, if this unity is based on egoism, it inspires its leaders to subordinate someone else. Egoism laid the foundation of the fascist system and obliges people to fight. It is like a mafia!

Question: Democracy based on egoism also causes negative consequences, but why exactly does Nazism lead to war?

Answer: Nazism unites people and democracy does not. Liberalism lets each one do whatever he wants. Although this is also temporary at its final stage democracy leads to unity and in an egoistic form. Then egoism + unity creates a big force that requires its realization and wants to subordinate and conquer others.

This is a natural sequence of development of egoism: feudalism → capitalism → pseudo-socialism (democracy, liberalism) → Nazism. It cannot be in a different way because we must come to unification.

Suppose that in ten years most countries in the world are bound to achieve unification, each within itself. The development of egoism is such that it demands unification either by a natural way, which is Nazism, or by the way of the Light, which means building the society of the future based on mutual bestowal.

One way or another, there must be unification. On the axis of development of humanity, marks have already been set, and of course[v10] , they are different for each country and each nation. However, if this is about developed (egoistically) countries, then they are given a certain period during which they must achieve internal cohesion—either through egoism or above it.

The basis of any society is egoism, around which, like around a fruit’s stone, an external social order is dressed: feudalism, capitalism, socialism, or Nazism. The external form is the result of the internal development of egoism and it changes together with it.

In the beginning, it corresponds to its core, but egoism continues to ripen. Therefore, at some point in time, the external form must change in order to correspond to the new form of the inner core.

We do not feel how the egoism hidden within us changes and what forms it undergoes. We notice only the external manifestations in society, like a child who suddenly learns to talk or to do something new because he has developed internally.

Common inner egoism develops, and therefore, the external form of society must change in accordance with it. Any social system is a direct consequence of the form of egoism concealed within it. If we correct the egoism, then obviously, the external form of society will change along with it. Having received the method of correction, society itself will build new social relations due to the changes in the egoism.

Therefore, it is useless to try to build socialism, communism, Nazism, capitalism, and so on. Instead, it is necessary to work on correcting the egoism inherent in people and then they themselves will build a society that is suitable for their internal qualities.

In the meantime, while the external form does not correspond to the inner core, wars and revolutions will continue. This is how it works; the inner egoism of society determines its external form and its social order.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Europe at a Crossroad”

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The Land Of Israel: Both Life And Death

laitman_746.03Torah, Deuteronomy 30:17 – 30:18: But if your heart deviates and you do not listen, and you will be drawn astray, and you will prostrate yourself to other deities and serve them, I declare to you this day, that you will surely perish, and that you will not live long days on the land, to which you are crossing the Jordan, to come and take possession thereof.

Naturally, when entering the land of Israel, there are a lot of obstacles because it is at this point that you begin to arouse egoism, which needs to be directed toward the qualities of love and bestowal, meaning, to receive for the sake of the Giver. This is much more difficult than to not receive anything at all and to refuse to receive altogether.

This is very complex, internal, and deep work inside of oneself. If you cannot cope with it, then you will feel hell where you do not correct yourself. If you do correct yourself, on the other hand, you will feel paradise.

These are the two states that now appear before you and they both exist in the land of Israel. You enter and work with them. And there, in the land of Israel, you reach either a huge ascent or a huge descent. Both life and death are there for you.

Question: You keep saying that first humanity has to be educated. Does this mean that humanity should start trying to rise above the ego?

Answer: Of course, but not in the same way Kabbalists went through it or need to go through it. Humanity will pass through everything in a much easier way. Humanity must accept the ready-made method and simply go through these states, repeating them to some extent. This will not be scary for humanity since it will simply be included in something that was prepared beforehand.

And Kabbalists go through these states in order to prepare them for humanity. In other words, they have to experience all of this inside themselves and then offer it to the world as a finished product.

Question: Will new instructions be written for humanity or will they be the same?

Answer: No. These instructions are only for those individuals who have a point in the heart, those who are going to conquer the land of Israel directly.

They must experience all of the egoistic qualities inside themselves and rise above them. The point in the heart in a person is demonstrated by the fact that he aspires toward the fulfillment and realization first of the qualities of the desert, and then the qualities of the land of Israel, which were both created in him so that he could change them to be for the sake of love and bestowal, thereby achieving the revelation of the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love, in all his desires.

The Creator appears to us egoistically as the greatest gift. In fact, it is a gift that is revealed only in our efforts of love and bestowal toward our neighbor. Therefore, if we strive for the benefit of our neighbor in this way, inside this effort, we find the Creator.

If a person is thinking only about the commandments and is committed only to them, he does not need anything else; they are enough and all the other commandments are included in this one. In this case, all the other egoistic qualities of a person are corrected along the way.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/18/17

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New Life 895 – The Root Of All Difficulties In Life

New Life 895 – The Root Of All Difficulties In Life
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Every moment a person receives new difficulties—difficulties and opportunities to deepen the connection with the Creator. There is one force that operates in reality and it sends difficulties to every human being and humanity in order to develop. The difficulties are given not to overcome them but to teach them to call the Creator, so that we will turn the difficulties into relationships. There is nothing random about the natural system and our private lives.
From KabTV’s “New Life 895 – The Root Of All Difficulties In Life,” 8/8/17

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