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The Russian Canadian: “The Whole Life Is Like “Day One”

The Toronto newspaper The Russian Canadian published my article: “The Whole Life Is Like “Day One”:


My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/22/17


Throughout history: 1,000s come to study #Kabbalah, few remain. Those who leave become opposers, having not gotten their free gifts.

Our #egoistic pleasures fade. Kabbalah ( “Reception”) teaches us how to be fulfilled with everlasting pleasures that are also cumulative.

Cause of #depression: developed ego cannot be fulfilled. To suffer less, shall we want less? That would lead to developmental depression.

Man’s mission in our world is to discover the absolute authority of the Upper force, and to liken himself to it. #humanity

The age of #ego‘s growth and dominion is over. It cannot govern our world anymore. Kabbalah is the program of living for the post-ego age.

We must overcome illiteracy-by revealing the link between the Upper and our worlds, where the Upper world constitutes forces governing ours

We exist in a world of forces. They are drawn by our desires, and we sense them with the 5 senses. And so we live—in an imagined #world.

The middle line in relationships can bring new meanings to #conflicts: when hatred flares up, let us work together to forge unity from it!

Body’s fulfilment: #food, sex, family, wealth, respect, knowledge-are transient

Soul’s fulfilment: by Creator in mutual guarantee-is eternal

If man knows the path of development, he shakes off the control that the negative force has over him. #wisdom

In nature, #altruism is the law of cellular unity as per the “one for all” principle. It exists in every living organism–and in society!

1st spiritual degree annuls our entire #world, turning it into a kernel. History disappears, having existed only in our broken imagination.

The standard program of development advances us by pushing us via #suffering. But if I hasten this program, it becomes good/pleasant!

Aspiration toward purpose isn’t a dream or self-delusion, but rather self-programming, the motivation that predetermines your #future.

Change not your #life, but your attitude toward it.

A person can never have a good #relationship with another directly, but only through the quality of bestowal, called the Creator.

From Twitter, 10/22/17

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Jerusalem, Built From Our Hearts

laitman_947Jerusalem is an indicator of the spiritual state of the people. That is why, there’s no place with greater disunity and hatred between all the currents of people than in Jerusalem.

It is a very rigid city because it manifests the true state in everyone’s heart toward unification. Jerusalem can either be the center of separation for the people of Israel or the center of its unity.

In the times of the Second Temple, people practiced the Torah and commandments and engaged in acts of charity, so why was the Temple destroyed? Because there was unfounded hatred (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate “Yoma”).

In those times, the commandments were meticulously followed, the Torah was studied, philanthropy was spread; there was only one problem that people did not get along with each other. It is just like today: there are a lot of religious people that scrupulously follow everything; however, there is disunity among them, distance, antagonism, and hatred.

And that is why everything collapses, as it is written: “The day the Temple is not rebuilt, it is as if it is destroyed again.” Until we unite above our differences, we cannot achieve the corrected state.

That is why correction is not conditioned on the observance of the Torah, the commandments, or engaging in charity but only on the connection of the hearts. We need at least to turn toward loving your neighbor, and then Jerusalem will be rebuilt, and everything in it.

Question: Does charity not mean mutual bestowal?

Answer: Charity is when a person is really ready to help another, give away everything he has—but his heart. He is not ready to connect in his heart. What is his intention for giving the charity? For the life of his children, reward in this world, and the future world.

Without studying the science of Kabbalah, it is impossible to achieve the state of bestowal, the quality of Lishma, because a person does not attract the Light that reforms, which is called the Torah. He is not trying to change his egoistic desire. Therefore, his charity is purely for his own benefit.

That is why the Temple was destroyed, despite people following the Torah and commandments and engaging in charity, because it all was for their own sake. The people were divided and that is what led to the destruction of the Temple.

We are unable to connect to be in one desire, in one heart, which is called “being under one blanket,” a single anti-egoistic screen.

Love of all has to be the purpose of our existence. Without this, there will be no nation of Israel, no country of Israel, no land of Israel. That is why it should become a national program. All efforts should be made to educate the people in the spirit of brotherly love, and naturally, Judaism has to lead the way of being an example of such love for the entire nation.

As it says in the book Sefer ha-Middot (The Book of Character Traits) in the chapter, “Importance of Faith”: “Jerusalem will not be rebuilt until peace reigns among the people of Israel.” Achieving peace within the people of Israel and committed, friendly relationships is what it means to rebuild Jerusalem: not from stones, but from our hearts.

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“For I Proclaim The Name Of The Lord…”

232.1Torah, Deuteronomy, 32:03: For I proclaim the name of the Lord; Ascribe greatness to our God!

Question: Why should “Amen” be said after the blessing?

Answer: “Amen” means truth, rightness. In all languages it is pronounced Amen, and is referred to as a seal after each indisputable statement.

Question: What does it mean: “For I proclaim the name of the Lord?”

Answer: This means that within my desire, or a part of it, I can perform an action when all parts of my desire will be collected in such a way that the Creator will reveal Himself in them. The Creator does not reveal Himself for no reason. He is a quality of bestowal. It should appear on some substrate, on some matter, on some basis. I must prepare this basis from my desires, from my relationships with others. If the relationship of absolute bestowal and love arises between us, then the Creator manifests in our inner relationships. This is His name.

Question: Why are different names of the Creator manifested all the time?

Answer: The names of the Creator are qualities of bestowal, of love, which are manifested in different styles at different levels.

The Creator has many styles because His common name is the ten Sefirot, the four-letter name HaVaYaH. It is not voiced in a person, it is only its manifestation in the properties of a person that is voiced. Therefore, there are ten so-called indelible names, ten Sefirot, in addition to others.

Question: We often say that He is great, good, loving, etc. Is it possible to call them names of the Creator?

Answer: No, these are epithets, not names. In the same way, I can say about a person: “He is good-natured, he is wise,” but this is not a name, it is his certain quality.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/30/17

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The Era Of Stress, Part 1

Laitman_508.1Question: Stress, tension, and psychological pressure have all become ordinary phenomena that every person experiences. Our era is even called the era of stress. Modern existence puts a person under chronic daily stress, making stress a constant rather than a periodic occurrence.

It is also known that prolonged stress is the cause of all most common illnesses: heart disease, diabetes, strokes, depression, etc. What explains this frightening phenomenon that we are living with today?

Answer: A person is a desire to receive pleasure and if he receives pleasure, he is calm. This is also seen in animals. But, from generation to generation, a person’s desire for pleasure constantly grows so he always requires ever increasing pleasure or fulfillment for his desire.

And because everyone wants to receive ever increasing pleasure, we find that we have to share with others, therefore, there is nothing in life from which we can just receive fulfillment. With each generation, life becomes increasingly more stressful.

And now stress is becoming increasingly more specific; the evidence is the increase in the incidence of heart attacks and depression, the rise in the use of narcotics and antidepressants by every group, including household pets.

We are all under constant stress, which increases the probability of heart disease and other illnesses. Not all diseases appear to be a direct result of stress, but in reality, stress is the main cause. There is no disease in the body that is not the effect of stress: skin disease, diseases of the inner organs, mainly, the heart and lungs.

Stress accompanies us from the moment we are released from our mother’s arms and it does not leave us until the end of our lives. As children we are required to go to kindergarten where we are immediately placed under stress because we don’t want to be there. Before, children were raised at home by their mothers and grandmothers, and later took on the profession of their fathers and continued their craft. A person didn’t leave his circle.

Today, he is obligated to travel somewhere, run, fly, search, where to receive a profession and fulfillment for his life. His egoism grows. He receives information from the Internet, from others, and doesn’t want to be less successful than the rest. Therefore he is under constant pressure. The result of all this is that we live under constant stress.

In addition, a person works 24 hours a day. We could ask, why should he work so much? But, the elite want to earn more money and drag us into all kinds of competitions. The husband and the wife work, while the poor children are abandoned in a kindergarten or at school from early morning, where they too are under stress. If you talk to children, you would be amazed at the kind of psychological pressure they are under.

You can’t take a small child from the mother. A child, by his very nature, needs to grow up within the family or some kind of a wider environment that he accepts as his own family. As soon as he is taken from home and placed in a kindergarten, he immediately finds himself in a stressful state because he doesn’t feel safe there.

A child wants to be the same as everyone else, that is the most soothing state. It is not pride, but merely a lack of confidence, that makes him want to hide himself among others. After he moves through this first stage and becomes like everyone else, i.e., the society accepts him, then the ego pushes him to want to stand out from the rest. He starts to make a constant calculation between safety and aspiration for power, pride, and can even step outside his comfort zone or put himself in danger to a particular degree.

But the search for a maximal safe state or the desire to stand out both put us under very heavy stress, and this is where our entire life happens. If we live in a society that is completely controlled by egoism, then we cannot hide from stress and we are only left with antidepressants and narcotics. This is what we are seeing in today’s society.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/27/17

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New Life 902 – Nuclear Threat In Our Day

New Life 902 – Nuclear Threat In Our Day
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

The situation toward which we are said to be developing already exists, but the question is in which way we achieve it? Why should a person’s level of awareness be raised in regard to life, death, and the next world, so as not to fantasize about living in the Garden of Eden? What effect does the possession of nuclear weaponry have on humanity?
From KabTV’s “New Life 902 – The Nuclear Threat In Our Day,” 9/5/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10/23/17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic: “The Next Stage of ‘Bnei Baruch’ Group: To Be ‘Rosh’ (Head) to the World,” Part 1

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Lesson on the Topic:”The Next Stage of ‘Bnei Baruch’ Group: To Be ‘Rosh’ (Head) to the World,” Part 2

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