My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/18/17


Love is when you’re in me like a fetus in a mother, and I’m in you like a mother senses herself in her child—his desires trump everything!

To overcome (Itgabrut) is when, above the emerging #hatred (Itnagdut), you diligently look for ways to bestow pleasure (Miluy).

True love can only be built above hatred. These two sensations are the two poles of life, creating a field for the pulse of life to thrive.

Love your neighbor as yourself: when #suffering grows the need for love from others and the Creator, I grow the same attitude toward them.

Love precludes any act against the society. This feeling becomes paramount not by coercion. And that is the “art of love.” #love

Love is when I put my desires below my friend’s & the Creator’s desires so as to fulfill His desires. Everything else is my animal #ego!

#Hatred is what brings #knowledge how to fulfill another’s desire. So the foundation of life is self-love, ego—all else is the spice!

It doesn’t make sense to hide the chasms between us—they are necessary to activate the positive force of love and #unity above them.

My love toward others and onward, toward the Creator, turns to absolute, infinite fulfillment. It is called the Light, #Torah, Creator.

Love is the inner space in me that I free up for the Creator, where the inner connection between me and Him is formed.

True love can only be built above the #hatred.

Love has nothing to do with gender differences. There’s no separation between lover and loved. In it, man and Creator accept and give love.

Love is when I look for ways to fulfill another, necessarily rising above any personal attitude toward them, which is egoistic.

Love = a union of 2 opposite forces: for oneself & for the Creator. Their conflict begets a sense of the upper world, hidden from others.

“The Creator’s nation” means being absolutely connected by the law of complete bestowal, love, mutual aid-to live in a sensation of WE, not ME.

From Twitter, 10/18/17

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