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The Jewish Voice: “A Kabbalistic Take On Ronald Lauder’s Blessing For The Jewish New Year”

The American portal The Jewish Voice published my article “A Kabbalistic Take on Ronald Lauder’s Blessing for the Jewish New Year“:


Crossroads: Labor Pains Of A New Worldview

Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New World is a documentary that reveals the depths of the current state of humanity and the emergence of a new perception of the world, which literally forces us to turn all our past knowledge of the world’s structure inside out.

This film is the revelation of modern reality for all viewers and a loud call for those who are already aware that we are on the threshold of a completely new perception of the world.

*Crossroads* won the 2013 Free Speech Award by American Insight.

The Russian Canadian: “From Afar You Will See This Country“

The Toronto newspaper The Russian Canadian published my article “From afar You Will See this Country” (page 13):


My Weekly Column Unity First On Newsmax

My weekly column “Unity First” on the portal Newsmax:


Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 4/2/17

Laitman_510.01Question: Is the ten a sufficient condition for similarity of the lower form of connection to the upper spiritual structure?

Answer: Yes, this is correct.

Question: Why does the Creator need people?

Answer: There are no people. It only seems so to us. In fact, these are not people but pieces of desires that we perceive as people.

Question: What is a spiritual desire of the other?

Answer: To be a spiritual partner with me.

Question: What does it mean to add other people to myself?

Answer: This means to connect with them in a common desire and common intention.

Question: Is love and bestowal the same quality? If they are not, what is the difference?

Answer: Bestowal is bestowal, and love is above bestowal because you take desires of others and fulfil them.

Question: Why do I begin to fear spiritual attainment?

Answer: Probably because you misunderstand it. It is all absolute goodness! There is nothing that could scare or repel in spiritual attainment.

Question: What do I do to fulfil a person if his desire is to distance himself from others as much as possible?

Answer: You should show him love, kill him with love.

Question: What is the upper Light?

Answer: The upper Light is the quality of bestowal and love that descends on us and makes us be like it.

Question: Egoism is our enemy. Does it mean that we need to love egoism, that is, to love the enemy as a friend?

Answer: To love egoism means to turn it into a friend so that it will work for bestowal.

Question: With what can we touch the soul in order to correct it?

Answer: There should be a spark, like in “The Tale of a Good Wizard.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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“The Most Tender And Delicate Man Among You, Will Begrudge His Own Brother”

Laitman_182.02Torah, Deuteronomy 28:54: The most tender and delicate man among you, will begrudge his own brother and the wife of his embrace and the rest of his children, whom he will leave over

People are unable to control their egoism and exist in love for their neighbor. When people who are soft, good, and kind in everyday life feel the desire to achieve love for their neighbor, they suddenly uncover such huge, inner, egoistic layers that they begin hating each other.

It is like how young people in love, in the beginning, live like a couple of doves. And what happens later? Scandals, assaults, difficult divorces, and lawyers.

If they did not try to get close to each other, they could remain good friends and lovers, meet from time to time, and please each other, but without any obligations. This is the most important thing. After all, love for your neighbor obliges you; you are obliged to love him and overcome your egoism all the time. Therefore, today there are so many unhappy marriages.

Question: How can we avoid this?

Answer: A person must rise above himself! But is he capable of doing this? Can his environment give him the required support? If not, it is better to walk away.

Suppose—if I am already married—then I can do nothing; I live next to this person involuntarily. I do not have an opportunity to regulate the distance between us according to my ability to control myself and rise above my egoism. If I could do this, everything would be fine. If we are a little tired of each other, we move away from each other and later we move closer and so on. This is a big problem.

This is exactly the kind of rejection we try to overcome in a Kabbalistic group. We constantly work on this, for many hours a day, without walking away or separating.

Is it possible to oblige a young couple who does not understand anything about the inner work to do this? It is necessary to study Kabbalah for this, to discuss it constantly, and to implement it practically. Where do you see such a family and such an opportunity?

Can you imagine, in what state people were, 2,000 years ago when they had to implement all of this amongst themselves? Therefore, it is not surprising that their spiritual unity, called the First and the Second Temples, fell apart.

Comment: Today, we have reached such a state that all marriages are falling apart. However, previously we somehow kept this circle.

My Response: This is because, previously, religion was holding people. Today, religion has changed its form so much that only an outer shell remains of it. Although it still holds them but with its last bit of strength, it takes new forms all the time.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/21/16

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