Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 3/5/17, Part 2

laitman_250Question: Why are the ten Sefirot called the Tree of Life?

Answer: Because they are interconnected so they create a system in which the attribute of bestowal, of love, the attainment of the upper force, the Creator, is later revealed.

Question: Are the writings of Kabbalists also divided into Sefirot?

Answer: Yes, the writings of Kabbalists are also divided into Sefirot, and so is Kabbalistic knowledge. Everything that was created and that we can perceive is divided into ten Sefirot.

Question: Why are Bina and Malchut designated by one letter “Hey – ה”?

Answer: Because Bina builds “Hey” out of its structure, which the lowest attribute, the “Hey” of Malchut, which later attains the attribute of Bina.

Question: Who feels the growth of the desire?

Answer: Whoever is in the desire feels the growth of the desire, for example, I, you, he, she.

Question: If the Light and desire are opposite in their attributes, how can the Light impact the desire?

Answer: The Light creates and develops the desire.

Question: If something in a person’s life doesn’t work out, could the reason be some malfunction in a certain Sefira?

Answer: No, there cannot be any malfunction in any Sefira. There can only be a malfunction in the way you react within your Malchut to all the Sefirot that come before it. You do not perceive the impact on you correctlyת and this perception can change your whole destiny.

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