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Convention “The Future Begins Here” in Europe, Day Two – 08.26.17

Convention “The Future Begins Here” in Europe, “Mutual Guarantee (Arvut),” Lesson 4

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Convention “The Future Begins Here” in Europe, “Europe at the Crossroads,” Lesson 5

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Convention “The Future Begins Here” in Europe, “Brit (Convenant),” Lesson 6

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 185

627.2Question: In a post “My Thoughts on Twitter, 7/31/17,” you wrote: “To #love truly means not to provide the beloved with all their needs, but connect them to the ‘channel of abundance’.” Please explain: what is this channel of abundance and how can one connect to it?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that it is possible to attain spirituality only through everyone because we are a single system of interconnected souls in which each one can be fulfilled only through what others transmit to him.

Question: Why is it that with every new ascent, there is a renewed interest in analyzing my previous states?

Answer: That is because the future is specifically built on them.

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The Subjectivity Of The Coordinates Of Our World

laitman_928Question: Does a Kabbalist not think about the future at all? Only about the present?

Answer: Everything depends on the measure of his equivalence to the Creator. If I completely merge with Him, then for me the concept of time as some factor disappears, as does everything in existence. I do not change, but simply remain all the time in adhesion with the Creator.

Question: An ordinary person is constantly thinking about what will happen the next minute, in a day, a year, and so on, and makes all kinds of plans. Does a Kabbalist not think about this at all?

Answer: An ordinary person needs to receive “treatment,” and then he will understand that the coordinates of time, space, and motion are strictly subjective and require recognition of their subjectivity, and then correction.

Question: We observe that certain processes in our lives are nevertheless connected to time: for example, if a child is one year old, until four more years have passed, he will not turn five.

Answer: Naturally, there is time that flows in our coordinates independently of us. This, however, is only as long as you exist in your animal body and within those dimensions that contain an order of change: yesterday, today, tomorrow, and so on.

Therefore, it is impossible to return to the past, the future can be approached, and so on, but only because we still exist in the framework of this world. The moment we rise above this world, we begin to relate to time, motion, and space in a completely different way.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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Place In Spirituality

laitman_282.01Question: What is “place” in the spiritual world?

Answer: Place is the magnitude of my desire that determines how much pleasure I can receive in quantity and quality to bring contentment to the Creator.

Question: When you say desire, do you mean consciousness? Or are these two different things?

Answer: Desire is desire and consciousness determines how I work with my desire.

Question: So is consciousness an intention?

Answer: No. What I work with my desire for and how I work with it—these are two different things. Consciousness determines how I work. And what I work for is intention.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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“And You Will Become An Astonishment, An Example, And A Topic Of Discussion”

Laitman_011Torah, Deuteronomy 28:37: And you will become an [object of] astonishment, an example, and a topic of discussion, among all the peoples to whom the Lord will lead you.

The soul consists of three parts and therefore it senses its own defeat as “an [object of] astonishment, an example, and a topic of discussion,” depending on the power of each part.

To become a “horror” among all the nations means to become so opposite and disgusting to them that they are afraid to touch you, to think about you, and even to recall your name, not to mention, to approach you.

After all, instead of the positive force, you emit enormous negative energy that brings horror, inner doubts, rejection, and fear to them.

I have met people who would say about me, “You are not supposed to touch him, he is a Jew.” They were expressing their fear, rejection, and lack of understanding.

To become a “topic of discussion” among all the nations is the opposite state in comparison to what existed among the Nazis. When a person tries to overcome his fear, he receives a desire to suppress, annihilate, and gain power over those who ignite such feelings within him.

This is the way we are governed from above in order to bring the people of Israel to the correct state, to become “the light for other nations,” and to manifest the method of connection.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/14/16

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