The Subjectivity Of The Coordinates Of Our World

laitman_928Question: Does a Kabbalist not think about the future at all? Only about the present?

Answer: Everything depends on the measure of his equivalence to the Creator. If I completely merge with Him, then for me the concept of time as some factor disappears, as does everything in existence. I do not change, but simply remain all the time in adhesion with the Creator.

Question: An ordinary person is constantly thinking about what will happen the next minute, in a day, a year, and so on, and makes all kinds of plans. Does a Kabbalist not think about this at all?

Answer: An ordinary person needs to receive “treatment,” and then he will understand that the coordinates of time, space, and motion are strictly subjective and require recognition of their subjectivity, and then correction.

Question: We observe that certain processes in our lives are nevertheless connected to time: for example, if a child is one year old, until four more years have passed, he will not turn five.

Answer: Naturally, there is time that flows in our coordinates independently of us. This, however, is only as long as you exist in your animal body and within those dimensions that contain an order of change: yesterday, today, tomorrow, and so on.

Therefore, it is impossible to return to the past, the future can be approached, and so on, but only because we still exist in the framework of this world. The moment we rise above this world, we begin to relate to time, motion, and space in a completely different way.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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