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Vanguard Of Humanity

laitman_941Torah, Deuteronomy 28:36: The Lord will lead you and your king whom you will have established over you, to a nation unknown to you or your fathers; and there, you will serve other deities [made] of wood and stone.

“King,” first and foremost, is those people who must lead all of humanity. If they do wrong, then naturally there is a special demand from them. We see this in the Jews. Periodically they are hit with such sufferings that no other nation has ever experienced.

However, when I see how many people are suffering today in our neighboring countries, I have great fears that all of it must somehow come back to us. If we do not start a serious ideological attack and dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah to humanity, then all of this will return to us like a boomerang.

We have come to a state when we must scatter Kabbalistic knowledge like seeds all over the world. After all, in relation to the entire world, we are its ideological part, its vanguard.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/14/16

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 8/21/17


The entire universe constitutes one thought, and we’re in it. #Suffering is meant to push us toward attaining and becoming similar to it.

From Twitter, 8/21/17

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There Is No Going Back In Spirituality

laitman_622.02Question: Is the path of a Kabbalist in one direction? If you cross the border between the physical and the spiritual world, is there any way back?

Answer: Who would want to descend from the level where the nature of the upper world, the leadership system, the past, the present, and the future, and the Creator, the force that manages everything, is revealed to him—if he can actually see and participate in all that?

The Book of Zohar calls the people of this world creatures whose pupils are turned inward, into themselves, and refers to Kabbalists as to those whose eyes look outward and see what is really going on. It is impossible to convey the harmony, the happiness, and the attainments that a Kabbalist discovers, which is indeed a great reward.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/29/17

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Restriction Without Shame

laitman_527.01Question: How does the creature, which is 100% desire, restrict itself? What is the spiritual action called Tzimtzum (Restriction)?

Answer: The creature was created by the Light. The Light that operates within the creature makes it possible for the creature to overcome and control its desire and even perform actions against its desire. Under the influence of the Light, the characteristic to oppose itself is discovered within the desire.

Malchut, which receives the upper Light, feels its influence, its love, and feels shame from the lack of compatibility with the Light, the Creator. As a result of feeling shame, it invites a reaction in its desire that compels it to stop receiving the Light. The desire remains, only the act of reception is restricted.

Question: Is it possible to make a restriction on the desire to receive without feeling shame?

Answer: No, without feeling shame, there will be no drive for the creature to perform an action that is contrary to its nature.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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Us And The Creator

laitman_558Question: Is the Creator inside us or are we inside the Creator? How does a Kabbalist feel that?

Answer: It is both. It makes no difference because it is a mutual state. The Creator is everything there is. It makes no difference what framework you attribute to Him: square, triangle, or round, we are inside Him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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How Did The First Matter Appear?

laitman_747.04Question: How does Kabbalah explain the first appearance of matter?

Answer: The first substance appears from a point of Light or a thin ray of light that produces the desire that is opposite the Light under it. A ray of Light is not a ray of light in our world; rather, this is a desire to bestow that creates a desire to receive under it. A desire is a force.

Question: From where does the Creator have a desire?

Answer: We cannot say anything about the Creator Himself. We learn the wisdom of Kabbalah beginning from the moment we attain the Creator and His relationship toward us, meaning the beginning of the appearance of an intention to create a creature and bring it to a particular state. About what existed before then, we cannot say because He was not yet called a Creator.

Question: If so, the desire to create a creature is the Big Bang?

Answer: Yes, but this didn’t happen in the physical world as the physicists say.

Question: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah there are five worlds. Were they created after the creature?

Answer: These worlds were not created and don’t exist on their own. They exist only within a person. When we attain the upper world, we immediately discover it in a picture of five worlds. If we don’t perceive them, then these worlds don’t exist.

For example, the world of Atzilut is the world of the Creator, meaning His revelation, therefore it is called “Atzilut” from the word, “Etzlo” (with Him).

Question: Why is the Creator called first? Is it because He preceded the creature?

Answer: It is because His desire exists in the beginning of everything that happens and He manages every action.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 181

laitman_563Question: Does the Creator exist as an independent force of nature like some cosmic force that exists, but we don’t know about and don’t feel?

Answer: That’s right..

Question: If my friends and I have not yet created the Creator, and He doesn’t exist yet, why should we think that “There is none else beside Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35)? After all, if He doesn’t exist yet, then He cannot manage us either, or do anything….

Answer: The intent of this is that in relation to you, in your discovery, He doesn’t exist. You must create a Creator for yourself from your corrected characteristics!

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The Book Of Zohar, Learning The Spiritual Language

laitman_531.01We should not yearn to understand what we read in The Book of Zohar with our corporeal mind. It is better to totally shut the mind off and to try to hear or to read and at the same time open our mouth like a baby who doesn’t understand anything he is told.

Although a baby doesn’t understand and doesn’t perceive anything, when you say something directly to him he looks at you and tries to understand. It is very important that the baby in me should open his mouth that way and simply try to understand what he is told.

In our world a baby learns how to speak this way; we have to teach the spiritual language in the same manner, and thus we will acquire it. If we process the text of The Zohar through our understanding of our world, we will not understand or know anything.

Nothing in The Book of Zohar has anything to do with our world. It tells us about animals, people, palaces, mountains, rivers, etc., but all these images refer to the attributes of the upper world, to different vectors we don’t fully know or feel.

Therefore, we should not make anything up because we can imagine whatever we want in our distorted egoistic attributes and feelings, but all this has nothing to do with the spiritual world so we will only confuse ourselves.

It was determined that The Book of Zohar will actually be revealed in our generation, which is very far from spirituality and cannot imagine anything sublime in a correct way. Therefore, it can easily relinquish the need to connect the text of The Zohar to the corporeal world and read it only in order to evoke and summon the upper Light unto ourselves, which will reveal The Book inside us and depict for us what is happening inside us and not on the outside.

We must remember that only a person who understands that The Book is about the forces that impact us can understand and perceive The Book of Zohar correctly.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/12/17

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