Crossing Machsom

laitman_744Question: What does it mean to cross the Machsom (barrier)?

Answer: Crossing the Machsom is crossing the potential barrier, after which a person begins to understand what the characteristics of bestowal are, which he never felt before.

He assumed that engaging in bestowal or loving someone was similar to the spiritual quality, but in fact, everything is different.

A person acquires the characteristic of bestowal beyond the Machsom, and then he begins to see the world in a completely different light, as if a spotlight has been turned on and the true reality is revealed to him. And before that he was in the dark.

Suppose we were to turn on an X-ray; we would see everything with the light of the X-ray. But a spiritual light is not an X-ray. It reveals all the characteristics, connections, and qualities, everything around us.

Question: What does a person who has crossed the Machsom see?

Answer: Connections! Connections between all parts of creation in their true form, connections that had not yet been revealed as such. At the same time, the person has limitless enjoyment. His pleasure is a result of a great sense of harmony.

This is a unique divine melody that a person feels a need for at every moment, in every part of creation. They all complement each other mutually, they radiate and create a complete connection between them. In other words, different opposites are discovered simultaneously with the mutual complementarity between them, one above the other.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/29/17

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  1. Dearest Rav,

    Recently I have been feeling that the Machsom is a barrier of perception that we place upon ourselves, or at a minimum that we “allow” to be placed upon ourselves. If a person so desires, if even for a brief moment, to mentally imagine he can suspend the control that he has allowed to be placed upon himself by his own thoughts of greed and want of wealth and power – then he may contemplate, from a purely corporeal perspective, “what is this existence”? Today a basic education informs us that our bodies are simply “stuff” of the earth (actually this is not a modern revelation). But as to his mind, his thoughts, his sense of self? What is the genesis of these attributes? If he allows himself to continue to escape the negative influence of greed and selfishness, he may come to the revelation that all of his thoughts have come from other people. From the day of his birth and then every day forth, his language, his views, his norms, and every single social or personal thought – he learned from other people. So if he can connect these two sources (Earth (body), other people(mind)), he can conclude that it is actually one source, Nature. And therefore, he is simply an extension of Nature who has been, however, conducting himself as if he were something other than Nature…………..He may conclude there is no such thing as “self”…………….



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