The Book Of Zohar, Learning The Spiritual Language

laitman_531.01We should not yearn to understand what we read in The Book of Zohar with our corporeal mind. It is better to totally shut the mind off and to try to hear or to read and at the same time open our mouth like a baby who doesn’t understand anything he is told.

Although a baby doesn’t understand and doesn’t perceive anything, when you say something directly to him he looks at you and tries to understand. It is very important that the baby in me should open his mouth that way and simply try to understand what he is told.

In our world a baby learns how to speak this way; we have to teach the spiritual language in the same manner, and thus we will acquire it. If we process the text of The Zohar through our understanding of our world, we will not understand or know anything.

Nothing in The Book of Zohar has anything to do with our world. It tells us about animals, people, palaces, mountains, rivers, etc., but all these images refer to the attributes of the upper world, to different vectors we don’t fully know or feel.

Therefore, we should not make anything up because we can imagine whatever we want in our distorted egoistic attributes and feelings, but all this has nothing to do with the spiritual world so we will only confuse ourselves.

It was determined that The Book of Zohar will actually be revealed in our generation, which is very far from spirituality and cannot imagine anything sublime in a correct way. Therefore, it can easily relinquish the need to connect the text of The Zohar to the corporeal world and read it only in order to evoke and summon the upper Light unto ourselves, which will reveal The Book inside us and depict for us what is happening inside us and not on the outside.

We must remember that only a person who understands that The Book is about the forces that impact us can understand and perceive The Book of Zohar correctly.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/12/17

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