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Why Do Many People Prefer Religion To Kabbalah?

Laitman_507.03Question: Kabbalah says that the purpose of our life is to discover a higher force. Once I reveal it, I will receive the ability to control my life and get rid of all anxieties. This sounds very appealing, so why do people shun Kabbalah?

Why do they prefer religion, which promises a reward only after death in a future world from which someone is yet to return?

Nevertheless, people are ready to devote their entire lives to religion. Kabbalah offers them to achieve the same thing, but during their lifetime in this world. And yet they reject Kabbalah; I do not understand why?

Answer: In religion, a person deceives himself; in truth, he will receive nothing. There is nothing after death! A person dies; like any animal, the body decomposes and nothing remains.

Why, then, is the religious approach thriving? Because religion not only promise a reward and paradise after death for performing not very complex actions in this world, but even now, in the process of carrying out the ritual actions, a person receives pleasure. Even when he suffers, religion provides an egoistic compensation for that suffering. In religion it is not necessary to annul your egoism like in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

This is why people are prepared to carry out religious orders, to martyr themselves, fast, and subject themselves to all kinds of restrictions. They receive even more pleasure from it. The more suffering religious commandments bring, the more a person values the future world and is even more devoted to religion.

The wisdom of Kabbalah does not call on a person to exhaust himself and perform some sort of actions. He or she only needs to do one thing: to rise above his egoism, his nature. This, however, is a challenge!

It turns out that when a person fulfills religious orders in this world, he earns a reward for himself and his family in this world and in the future world. He feels as if he received an insurance policy and a higher force will take care of him and protect him from all ills, and after death he is guaranteed a life in heaven.

Kabbalah, however, says that none of it exists! It turns out that it is against religion, because it debunks it, and this is why religious people are against Kabbalah and don’t want to hear about it. They see it as a threat because it can lead them away from religion. This is the reason why Kabbalists concealed Kabbalah and did not talk about the truth, according to what is written: “Do not put obstacles before a blind man.”

In Kabbalah, the rule always applies: “One thousand walk into a class, and only one comes out to the Light.” In other words, 999 of those who come will leave, and after leaving, they will grow to hate Kabbalah because it is opposite to our nature.

Many of them become religious. They do not yet have a sufficiently big, burning, and strong point in the heart that is capable of holding them despite all the difficulties, problems, and disappointments that one has to go through during the practical study of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “The reasons for the negative attitude towards Kabbalah” 7/19/17

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There Is Room For Everyone At The Congress

laitman_938.07Question: At a congress, how do people who are aspiring to reach spirituality differ from those who only imagine themselves as such because all they want is just to have a good time?

Answer: There are people who are like this and people who are like that. A person is a very complex, multifaceted creature, and often is one way and then another.

At one moment, he is suddenly overcome with romantic feelings and is almost in tears. And then, everything becomes irrelevant to him and he treats everything with disinterest. And all of this can happen within the same day. That is why we must give everyone the possibility to participate in a congress, and ultimately, the surrounding Light will influences everyone.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/19/17

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How To Correctly Form A Prayer

laitman_938_05Question: How does one form and compose a group prayer correctly and how does one remain in a prayer like this for 24 hours a day?

Answer: At first, the prayer can be artificial because you still don’t feel a special yearning in the heart about concern for the group, for the friends, for connection, for the shared yearning among you, and from that to the Creator.

All of this begins with a fairly artificial internal movement. But gradually, under the influence of the study, the upper Light will operate on you. You begin to feel that your mechanical, false, and artificial actions take on a completely different shade: natural, correct, true, and sincere.

The upper Light that influences you will insert its characteristics into you. And then as a result of this, your prayer will become true; you will feel that you are as one single whole with the rest of the friends.

You must connect the points in the heart to each other, like ten drops of water that are connected together into one big drop. Then you begin to feel within them a higher energy, a higher state, the upper world! Your whole life will be in the upper world.

This is your soul. It is one, for the entire group of ten. A person must understand that individually he cannot move this way. He must connect with others either virtually or physically. Here’s to your success!
From a Virtual Russian Lesson 5/21/17

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Who Was Baal HaSulam Addressing?

laitman_229Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation, “Nihilism”: All these are compromises in the measurements of egoism of the individual, the state, or God’s servant. And I say that any measure of egoism is faulty and detrimental, and there is no other arrangement except altruism, in the individual, the public, and the Lord.

This is an absolutely simple, clear, and sharply pointed declaration. There are those who already understand this; there are those to whom it is gradually becoming apparent, and there are people who need everything to be explained and demonstrated for them, otherwise they will need another thousand years in order to mature to this level of awareness of the truth.

Question: Did Baal HaSulam write this for those who have already come to this realization?

Answer: Baal HaSulam felt that the time of the last generation was approaching and wrote about it for his contemporaries. From this, we can infer that he was speaking to the most progressive individuals of his generation, who were, as usual, the avant-garde of humanity and lead it forward by themselves.

That’s why it is necessary to show humanity its future mistakes, so that they do not create new problems, but rather follow those evolved individuals.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 6/5/17

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The Zohar—A Tool For Working On Yourself

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: One reads The Book of Zohar as a fairy tale; for another, it is not important to understand, but to get feelings from it. How does one not turn The Zohar into a book for meditation, but make it a tool for working on oneself?

Answer: First of all, you need to read this book with others. Preferably, do it in groups of ten, not mixed, but separate men’s tens and women’s tens.

The essence of The Book of Zohar is not its literal translation and meaning. If we organize ourselves correctly and listen to it in any language, even one we do not understand, this book will affect us. In fact, it represents a bridge between the spiritual world and our points in the heart that yearn to attain it.

The Book of Zohar performs the function of a tube through which the Light from the upper world passes into our heart, into the heart’s point that asks about the meaning of life. This point starts to grow and we gradually better understand what the meaning of existence actually is. It is continuous work on ourselves, but we have time. Why is this life given to us? To understand why it is given to us.

I see in my students, how The Book of Zohar influences them and they start to feel the internal taste of it, which in Hebrew is called “Han de Kedusha” (the charm of the upper illumination). Though it is not clear, we explicitly feel that this book carries something in it that expands our feelings. And although we do not know what it is filling with, something is happening. This is the gradual influence of The Book of Zohar on a person.

Later on, our desires, feelings, and various inner instruments will become more suited for the study of The Book of Zohar and we will perceive the results from reading it very clearly.

Study does not consist of becoming familiar with the text of The Book of Zohar and acquiring knowledge about the wisdom of Kabbalah. Its study is the entry of the upper Light inside us through the tube, which is The Book of Zohar, and then the Light develops new sensations in us through which we start to feel the upper world.

Question: When I read the book, Delicious and Healthy Recipes, I start to salivate, meaning that I feel pleasure. Can we say this about The Book of Zohar, that it loves my soul, but I don’t feel it because I don’t have these tastes yet?

Answer: I would say that it is much better because when reading that recipe book, a person thinks  about whether he or she will ever taste this food. By studying The Book of Zohar, a person starts to evoke the influence of the upper Light on oneself right away. By influencing you, the upper Light builds new desires and possibilities in you. The desires that are inherently built in us get uncovered during the reading of The Book of Zohar and we start to reach for it.
From the Lesson in Russian 2/5/17

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“You Will Grope At Midday”

laitman_571.06Torah, Deuteronomy 28:29: You will grope at midday, as the blind man gropes in the dark, and you will be unsuccessful in your ways. You will be only oppressed and robbed all the days, and no one will save [you].

This is a state of darkness when you do not see anything, as in the parable about the rooster and the bat: For the bat, darkness is light, and for the rooster, darkness is darkness and light is light.

At midday, you walk like a blind man in darkness because you do not reveal light in the light—in the intention of bestowal and love. You see only negative things in this. How can we break through this state by getting closer to others and discover salvation in unity?

We are always in the Light, but we do not understand and do not feel it. For us, it is the other way around and that is why we run away.

Our task is to attain that the Light constantly exists in connection, which should be revealed more and more between us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/07/16

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